Three Dreams

Seduction, destruction, confusion, and security. Short summaries of sharply remembered dreams where I felt these things.

My first remembered dream from last night’s slumbering had me being seduced. This woman and I were traveling with others. All of us then got in bed together. She turned to me and told me that she wanted to have sex with me and moved her hands along my body. She said, she’d thought about it, and I deserved it. I was eager and ready but, hello, there are other people in the bed. She said that she’d spoken with them and that they’d agreed. As she said that, the other three left the bed. I kissed her and she reciprocated.

Dream censored.

Second in the dream line was about destruction being wrought by an evil baby head.

I found myself in an empty old Victorian style home. Going through the rooms, I discovered a huge black trunk in a room upstairs by a window. I opened it. Line with gray inside, its only contents was a smaller black bag which reminded me of a bowling ball bag. As soon as I opened the bag, a baby’s head floated out. White but mottled, it had no body, a constant leer, and thin hair, and was alive. Dread emanated from it, soaking me. I was immediately dispirited. I quickly found it had master telepathic control of others and telekinesis as it threw boulders with its mind and created slaves of other people. Understanding that it had no good intentions, I managed to get behind it while it wasn’t paying attention and get it into the trunk. Slamming the lid shut, I locked it but realized that I could still hear it in my head. I realized it had been in that other black bag to block its thoughts and powers.

I fled, trying to get distance from the baby head, driving along old and narrow country roads, going up a mountain. I soon found myself lost with a black spirit. The baby’s voice was diminished but I felt its presence. Leaving the car to look around and figure out where I was, I decided that I needed to go back and destroy the baby’s head.

End of dream.

Finally, I had a dream about a wealthy old man. White, he was quite old and thin, and favored a monocle, black silk top hat, and a black walking cane topped with a diamond. Suited in a black suit with morning coat, he wore a white bow tie and traveled about in an all-black ‘car’. This car was essentially several rooms, like a narrow black land yacht with a design out of the 1930s. As said, extremely wealthy, he was in charge of everything, he declared, and he didn’t any changes. Large, serious expression men in black suits provided constant security.

I, a young man, was with him in this cluttered and narrow beast of a car. He’d chosen me to write his biography, so I was there to listen to him tell his life story and give me his wisdom so that I could compile it all. Like him, I was dressed in a white shirt and black suit, but with a black tie. His aide, an older man, was dressed as I was.

I was enjoying myself as others brought me tea and pastries while we drove around the city in the mechanical beast. Observing everyone, distraction set in, and I entertained myself by figuring out how the old man could be abducted, and then created a story concept around it. Pleased, I shared that with the old man.

Well, he was outraged, shouting, “Balderdash, that could never happen.” Then he stormed out of that section and into the car’s rear. I knew that he was upset because I’d pointed out a security vulnerability. The elderly aide chastised me in gentle, polite tones for upsetting the old man, who the aide revered. I explained to the aide how I was right, showing and demonstrating the car’s vulnerability on which I based my story. His expression told me that he knew I was right. He went off to comfort his boss.

Dream end.

Yes, I see how black dominates these dreams, as does power and desire.

Saturday’s Theme Music

Good Christmas Eve morning, if that’s your float. We’re warmish here today, 42 F. 13 degrees C is possible as a high. Once enclosed with dense fog, it’s thinning. Sunshine is coming up after it’s muted 7:37 morning arrival. This is Saturday, December 24, 2022 CE. 1643 will see our daylight period cease.

The eastern and southern US states are coping with severe weather conditions this week. Snow is falling or winds are rising. Freezing temperatures are causing rolling blackouts due to increased demand. Flights are canceled, roads are closed, as are businesses. Hang on, people. Take care of your animal friends and one another.

It’s becoming regular, these storms. Our exclusion to them is becoming the norm. Each year, some weather function forms. Storms move around us and attack the rest of the country past southern Oregon and California, with a few other lower neighboring states. This results in terrible winter conditions for places who weren’t planning to welcome freezing temperatures and snow. With the snow bypassing us, our snowpack isn’t replenished, and our drought continues and worsens. The decade’s weather is sucky. Let’s hope improvement is on 2023’s to-do list. I keep checking on family and friends to ensure they’re alright. My sisters and their children grew up in the stuff and think of it as BAU. Mom, an Iowa girl who transplanted herself to Pittsburgh, PA, loves snowy weather, finding it cozy and romantic. She doesn’t go out in it, though, preferring to stay warm and contemplate the world from behind some glass. Others must go to her.

The earlier fog had me in a science fiction and fantasy mood. Once again, I seemed to be peering at the world’s end. Maybe, my brain suggested, the lack of existence beyond this close silvery gray curtain is due to reality being rearranged or a power failure in my reality program. Do not adjust your set. I wonder if young people know what we mean by that. Do they need to adjust their televisions? Why were they called television sets, and why did we stop?

The science fiction mood prompted Les Neurons to lift a 2016 song by Highly Suspect called “My Name is Human”. Its sound feels lifted right out of an earlier rock era. When I heard it while traveling, and its recurring line, “Hello, my name is human,” I decided to pursue more info on it and saw the video and read about its writer’s belief that aliens are among us along with androids. I can get with that. There are many times when I encounter another and wonder if they’re human because of how they act.

The fog is gone. Coffee time. Stay safe and positive, test negative, and enjoy whatever holiday you embrace. Here’s the music. Cheers

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