Floofdunnit (floofinition) – An investigative effort to uncover what animal was behind an act.

In use: “Many pet owners with more than one floof will experience classic floofdunnits such as which creature stole their food, knocked over the trashcan, tore up a plant, or redistributed a cushion’s contents.”

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  1. Floofdunnit is a daily game in our house. But, there are some things that are so individualized that you know immediately who the culprit was. If I leave my computer lid up while I go make another cuppa and return to find gibberish typed on whatever I was working on, or even an email sent that I wasn’t ready to send, I automatically look at Boo, who runs under the sofa at that point. If it is a turd in front of my office chair … Izzy. The television askew? Boo, again. Floofs keep our lives interesting!

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