Monday’s Theme Music

Good morning, my fellow human beans. Today is Monday, December 6, 2021. Weather report says it mostly cloudy here. Looking out, I see no blue sky nor sunshine. An unbroken roll of mild gray has been unleashed over the valley. At least it’s not foggy this AM, although I see streaks of fog hugging ravines and foothills. We’re looking for a high of 51 F today. It’s doable. Sunshine did break through yesterday in the early afternoon, burning the fog away. When I stepped to a window to enjoy it, my irises cried out with injury, recoiling from the light and retreating to my head’s darkest recesses. Yeah, it’d been a while since we’d had sun that bold, clear, and bright.

I have a Gin Blossoms song, “Follow You Down” from 1996 on repeat in the morning mental music stream. The cats put it there. Basically, being bored and restless felines, they began following me around yesterday. Wherever I went, they were attendees. “Oh, what are we getting in the pantry?” “Hey, let’s all go to the bathroom, come on!” Sitting at the desk, I had one on the desk, butting my hand (which really increases the difficulty when typing), another on my feet below, and one on the windowsill behind me. They were like, “Everywhere you go, I’ll follow you around.” So you see why the Gin Blossoms song wormed into my consciousness.

Stay positive, test negative, wear thy mask as situationally needed to reduce spread, and get jabs when you can. Think I’ll have some coffee now. Anyone else? No? Okay, then. Here’s the music.


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