Floof Fever

Floof Fever (floofinition) – Relaxed, euphoric human state caused by concern or love for animals.

In use: “People with advanced floof fever are happy to stay at home with their pets, very often passing the time napping, reading, writing, baking, or eating – or some combination of these things.”

Tuesday’s Theme Music

At the risk of repeating myself, welcome to Tuesday. This is December 14, 2021. The month is almost half over. We’re about to plunge into another season – winter, north of the equator and summer below that line – and into a new year.

A few white and gray clouds have been dropped into the blue-sky broth this AM. Sunshine lights their contours with yellow and gold influences. The temperature is 32 F but we expect it to reach 35. Sunrise came at 7:32 AM and night will take over after the sun sets at 4:39 PM.

“Kodachrome” by Paul Simon from 1973 is skating through the morning mental music stream. This came about because a friend suggested that whenever she hears Omicron, the thinks of “Kodachrome”. Probably only afflicts a certain population swath. The other parts are asking, “What’s Kodachrome?” or, “Who is Paul Simon?” Others will say, “Oh, I remember that movie,” to which some will say, “What movie?” I am repeating myself with “Kodachrome” – earlier in 2021, in fact – but the song holds a nostalgic niche for me. So, take it away.

And bring me some coffee. Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vaccines and boosters when you can. Cheers

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