Wednesday’s Theme Music

Change the page. December has arrived. Today is Wednesday, the first. Commence the countdown to the new year.

May be a new month but we began it the same way as the end of last month, with sunshine wearily attempting to poke sunlight through clouds and fog. Gray and silver drape the trees. All the deciduous have dumped their leaves. Naked branches are the new norm, except for the pines and firs.

Temperature is 40 degrees F with expectations that we’ll see 62. Sure. Sunset will come at 4:40 PM while sunrise’s feeble start was at 7:20 AM. A day without sunshine is a dreary spectacle.

Today’s music popped into the morning mental music stream after a political conversation with friends yesterday. Someone made the comment, “That’ll be the day,” which prompted the ol’ mental Alexa to say, “Playing That’ll Be the Day by Linda Ronstadt from 1976.” Why Alexa went with that cover instead of the Buddy Holly edition is outside of my gray matter’s ken. Anyway, it’s on a loop in my head so I’m putting it out there to loop into others’ heads.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vax and booster when you can. You know what I mean. Got my coffee, French Roast, untouched by sugar, cream, or milk, but with a splash of cinnamon. Here we go, December. Cheers

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