Serenfloofpity (floofinition) – Luck that takes the form of finding pleasant animal or animal traits that are not expected.

In use: “Many people now sharing a home with a new pet enjoy the serenfloofpity of witnessing the pet’s quirks and habits unfold, but for cat and dog lovers, finding a convert, say a man who never liked cats who is now inseparable from a little ball of fur, might be as great a joy.”

The Pigeon Dream

It was a dystopian setting. My wife and I were in a small gray econobox, trying to make our way home. Torrential rains reduced the area to a muddy swamp. Mudslides were prevalent. Confusion ruled and more rain was coming. How to get home, where do we go? These were the things we were addressing to one another when a pigeon appeared.

I don’t recall the exact details but we concluded that this pigeon was trying to tell us how to get home. We got the pigeon into our car, along with our cat, the ginger boy, Papi. I started driving. Every now and then, my wife would tell me that the pigeon is telling us to go a certain way, or I’d look at the pigeon and say, “Look, he’s telling us to go that way.”

We reached our home parking lot. Large vehicles blocked the way. Backing, pulling forward, wrenching the steering left and right, I managed to get around them and safely to our garage. We then all went into the house with our belongings, the cat, and the pigeon. We talked about the pigeon saving us. We didn’t think we’d made it without the pigeon. My wife went to feed the pigeon when it attacked her.

She tried fighting it off and couldn’t. I chased the pigeon away. My wife was shouting, “Get rid of it, get rid of it.” Papi the ginger cat went after the pigeon. I didn’t want the cat to get the pigeon.

The cat had chased the pigeon to the front door. While I didn’t want the cat to go out, I wanted the pigeon out. I partially opened the door but as the pigeon beat its wings and pecked at the cat and the cat tried getting the bird, the door closed. Then, someone, the pigeon hooked the door’s edge with its beak and pulled the door open. I caught the cat, the pigeon escaped, and I closed the door.

Friday’s Theme Music

Got my Friday face on, don’t need much more, gonna go party, yeah, lookin’ to score. Gonna stay up till the sun breaks the sky, and when I tell you all about it, I’ll lie and lie.

Yes, it’s December’s first Friday, which comes on a third this year. Traditionally, the first Friday of December is celebrated by making lists and then checking them twice. Shopping, chores, whatever, the list can be about anything. The point is to make them so you can cross them off on December 21. Don’t know how that tradition began.

Daybreak came at 7:22 AM and nightfall is expected to begin at 4:39 PM. It’s foggy today. Present temperature is a foggy 39 degrees F. Forecasters anticipate the fog breaking enough for us to see some sunshine and a high temperature in the low fifties. It was managed yesterday, with a pleasant afternoon making the scene. All reminds me of living in Half Moon Bay, California. Fog was our norm for much of the year. But being there, we had the ocean’s inputs to our senses, offsetting the fog’s depressing tendencies.

Got Finger Eleven’s song, “One Thing” from 2003 residing in my morning mental music stream. Arrived due to writing thinking and dueling with the muse. At a pivotal scene, thinking, if I can sort out this one thing. That reminded my neurons that this song was loaded into the gray vault, and the mental Alexa released it to the stream. Here are the actual lyrics.

If I sorted it out
If I knew all about this one thing
Wouldn’t that be something


How many times have people said to themselves or one another, if we can just sort this out…etc?

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vax and boosters when you can. Also, pick up some coffee for me. Never mind, I need to relieve my rear end anyway. I’ll get it myself.

Here’s the music. Cheers

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