The Snow Effect

The little ginger feline galloped to the back door and loosed a demanding shriek.

The man strode to the door. “Are you sure you want out? It’s snowing out there, you know.”

“Meow,” the ginger replied in a determined tone.

“Okay.” The man opened the door.

The cat sprinted out, tail high, with a triumphant cry. The man watched as the cat took in the snow. His tail drooped, his pace slow, and his stride faltered. Stopping, he sniffed and stared.

“Want back in?” the man called with a laugh.

With a disdainful glance at the man, the cat hunkered down. He was an animal in his element. A little snow would not deter him from enjoying his wild side.

At least for a minute. Maybe two…

Saturday’s Theme Music

Happy Saturday and Merry Christmas. If this is Christmas, then it is also December 25, 2021. If you had white Christmas on your wish list and live in my region, congratulations: you have won! Yes, we have 30 degrees F outside and about three inches of snow. Beautiful to take in, and shoots childhood memories through the neurons. Out last night, breathing in the snowy cold air as snowflakes flirted, I stood as a child and young man again, as I’d stood on many such nights in a string of diverse locations. I’m fortunate to have such memories and to still enjoy them.

Sunrise popped in with Christmas light at (drumroll) 7:38 AM and the sunshine will head at 4:44 PM. Our high temperature today is 34 F. During the and into the night, we’ll be celebrating on a low key this year, just the wife and I, although phone calls have been made, and Christmas baked goods are here to help put caloric joy into our bodies.

Thinking of Christmas memories, I was in the Philippines in the military in 1976. I’d been married less than two years and my wife was living with her parents in the United States while I lived in a dorm room. She and her family sent me a huge Christmas care package and I celebrated the holiday with other unaccompanied and single peers. We had a good time despite being away from family.

One song from that year is “You’re My Best Friend” by Queen. I would say that my wife is my best friend — certainly my longest friendship. We met and hit it off in June of 1971. Married four years later. Still together decades later. I’d never tell her she’s my best friend because she bristles at such sentimentality. But, here we are. I’m using it as my theme music on Christmas, 2021, half a century after meeting her.

Stay positive, test negative, enjoy some holiday cheer, wear a mask as needed, and get the jabs when you can. Make yourself some memories so you can pause on a dark night, look up at the sky, feel the weather, and recall who you were. Excuse me, a coffee has my name on it. Here’s the music. Cheers

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