Tuesday’s Theme Music

Sunny and windy, and a little chilly are my first descriptors for today. Add in a weak sun — all things being relative — and a thin layer of fading white clouds, and our current axis and place on the Earth, and you arrive at a winter day that’s 46 degrees F and will get fifteen degrees warmer. Sunrise came for us on this Tuesday, January 25, 2022, at 7:31 AM and the setting will come at 5:16 PM.

I have an old song by the American Breed rolling around in the morning mental music stream. The American Breed had a hit with “Bend Me, Shape Me” in 1968. I was twelve, living in a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA known as Penn Hills. Going to Washington Elementary School. We took buses to and from it every day. My best friends were my cousin, Rick, who lived up the street, along with Bruce, Curt, and John. The five of us hung around a lot in those early years. I had crushes on Vicky, Joy, and Marla, very smart and pretty girls. I was learning the guitar then with dreams of being a rock store, but I didn’t have the focus and discipline to keep playing. I’d rather daydream, read, draw, or play sports.

Ah, good times. Groovy times. Don’t know what prompted all that to spirt up out of my head today. But there it is. Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vaccine and boosts. Oh, and watch out for Opposite Day. Yes, today I Opposite Day in the U.S., but don’t take it too seriously, you know? Here’s the music. Guess I’ll get the coffee. Cheers

Sunday’s Theme Music

We have sunshine, getjer sunshine here.

Awakening on a sunny Sunday morning — which is what this January 23, 2022, is — always triggers happiness in my soul and childhood memories in my mind. Sunday was a day of rest and play. Yes, sorry, we weren’t churchgoers, except for Easter and Christmas. But I still worshipped the spirit of the outdoors and childhood, dressing fast, downing a bowl of cereal — my favorites were Wheaties, Raisin Bran, and Grape Nuts — and then spilling outside. Sometimes you’d wander outside and discover a neighboring friend doing the same. So you’d join up and ask the questions: “What do you want to do?” “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” We’d usually find something by heading down into the woods where the creek flowed, pulling out sports equipment, or jumping on our bikes. If not, I’d retreat to the house to read and draw.

Today’s sun invasion commenced at 0732 Local. The sun will retreat at 1714L. Temperatures stayed balmy yesterday and last night, which pleased the royal clowder. They went outside and the youngest stayed out. This morning’s temp at sunrise was 39 F. It’s since perked up to 53 and we expect to hit 61. Of course, the dry conditions keep us worried: please snow in the mountains, we tell the weather. We need that snowpack increased.

Today’s song is “I Think I Love You Too Much” covered by The Jeff Healey Band (1990). The song hit the morning mental music stream after I’d clicked through movie offerings the night before. I was interested in seeing all the great new movies the streaming service was offering. One of these was Roadhouse from 1989. Wasn’t real fond of Roadhouse but I liked Jeff Healey’s Band and their playing. I’d bought his album, Hell to Pay in 1990, and played it often, enjoying the bluesy rock sound. But this specific song then came after a floofnag kept pestering me for more — more food, more attention, more of everything — last night. My wife said something like, “He just loves you.” Flippant and exasperated, I replied, “I think he might love me too much.” The mental Alexa then announced that she was playing, “I Think I Love You Too Much”. And here we are.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vaccine and boosters when you can. Here’s the music, there’s my coffee, and here we go. Cheers

Friday’s Theme Music

We’re talking Friday, January 21, 2022. Fog and sunshine play games outside. The sunshine came in at 7:34 this morning. The fog crept in afterward, holding temperatures down around 39 as the sun is kept at arm’s length. But the fog is expected to take a bow and leave, freeing the sun to warm up to the upper fifties before stealing away at 5:10 this evening.

I have Avicii’s song, “Wake Me Up” from 2013, racing around the morning mental music stream. Avicii died a few years ago, when he was 28. That fact ties in well with the day in general. It’s one of those mornings for me when I feel less like I’m living and more like I’m enduring. Ironic for me, as life on a personal level isn’t too bad, other than a cat with cancer. No food or income insecurities. I do wrestle muses for fun, and they sometimes leave me aggrieved, but mostly, my angst is for others. Learning of others’ bad news, reading news pieces, and following politics can debilitate any soul. COVID-19 tales, whether they be about stats, sickness, death, or misinformation, is a fountain of weariness.

But there isn’t any waking up from these matters. This is life. These days will pass. Greater things will come along. Well, fingers crossed that they will. Knock on wood.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vaccines when you can. I’m gonna go have a cup of coffee now. You stay and listen to Aloe Blacc sing Avicii’s song.

Wednesday’s Theme Music

I have the Blues Traveler singing and playing in Wednesday’s morning mental music stream. I ask myself why this is so. It started with “Run Around” before drifting to “Hook” and finally, “Most Precarious” from 1997. It was a commuting song, you know? A tune heard on the radio while driving to or from work, or to go shopping. I lived in the SF Bay Area at that time, in a little town called Mountain View. I worked in Menlo Park, which was just a bounce up Highway 101. Traffic on that short trip usually ate forty-five minutes to an hour twice a day, morning and evening, so there was time for songs on the airwaves. Dreams, of course, took me to that time period on the git. A co-worker from the life era showed up in a dream. Makes me wonder what’s going on in their life. Googled them but nada was found.

Today is January 19, 2023. The sun’s promise of warmth and light broke into my reality at 7:35 AM. The sunlight will do its goodbye at 5:10 PM. Mild and dry weather still dominates us. The low was 41 F and the high will be about 55 F, depending upon where you sit in the valley, and how shadows enfold you. It is now 46 F.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask to meet needs, and receive the jabs as you can. Here’s my coffee, and here’s the music. Cheers

Monday’s Theme Music

Monday found me. It wasn’t a hard search, apparently; Monday found me in bed, still in dreams up to my head. Told me she’d come back in a while, but I just closed my eyes and slumbered.

It’s January 17, 2022, which means there’s only about nine months until the holiday seasons begin for 2022. It is also Martin Luther King Day in most parts of the U.S. Labeling it a holiday seems misguided, given his spirit of service and change, and his assassination. Many reference it as a day of service, an opportunity to meditate on equal rights and justice, and how to help one another. Meanwhile, the sun rose as expected, striking my sliver of existence with sunshine at about 7:36 AM. Temperatures were hovering around 30 F then. They’ve jumped up as the sun scaled the sky. The temperature is now 47. We expect to feel 57 before sunset closes the sunshine down at 5:06 PM.

I awoke with a Santana medley swimming through the morning mental music stream. Carlos has been around a few years as a talent and has given us some impressive tunes. After sorting through them and singing one to a cat, I’m going with “Evil Ways” from 1969. I was singing it to Tucker in a joking manner — “You’ve got to change your goofy ways, kitty, before I stop petting you.” Just a little give and take between two loving animals, me and the feline.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the jabs when you can. Meanwhile, I’ll get some coffee when I can; I feel a bit sad that I’m dependent on this brew that’s dependent on such energy waste and ill treatment. Sigh. Here’s the music. Take care.

A Flying Car Dream

To begin, I was a detective. Didn’t look much like RL me. Only commonalities were white and male. My dream detective had a florid face – pink as a carnation – on a square head with receding blonde hair. I seemed to be in my forties. Clean shaved, a nose bent by fights finished my facial ensemble.

I’d just solved a couple big cases. After receiving accolades, I headed to my flying car to go home. The flying car was a BMW and some sleek sedan or SUV variation – wasn’t given a good look at it. No need to because a flying car is normal and common, and this was my regular ride.

A few people needed a lift. I was heading generally their way so said I’d provide taxi service. They sat in the back. We headed out.

Even though it was a flying car, we followed surface roads and the same road rules now in effect. Traffic was end-of-workday heavy. Stopped at one traffic light leading to an Interstate maze, I was in the wrong lane. Knew I needed to get into the left-hand land for my destination. So I had to outrace the other three lanes of cars — which I did. But then, I found the car wasn’t following the road but drifting right. I took manual control of the car to combat it, then found it a greater problem than first thought. I announced to my passengers that I was having a little car trouble. I pushed buttons in, trying to make the car work right. The buttons were square and silver. They wouldn’t hold in as expected.

I talked to the car, telling it to fix itself. The problem was given a temporary solution after a few minutes (according to the car). That’d eaten into my time and mood, so I had a change of plans. I pulled over and got out. Taking a control, I told the car to take my companions to their destination, go get itself fixed, and then come back and pick me up. I then gently tossed the control into the air, and the car took off. I turned and began walking.

That segment ended. A young man, closely resembling my RL self, I was in an airport when I stopped to check email on my computer and play games to kill time. The computer didn’t work right. I sat down and took some of the computer apart. These were hollow brass cylinders, about one and a quarter inch in diameter and an inch tall, unlike anything I’d seen in a RL computer. They were threaded and reminded me of faucet components.

Putting the computer back together, I decided to leave them off, in case I needed to address the problem again, then packed up and headed for my flight. I went through turnstiles with others, then overheard a younger man talking about a computer game he’d enjoyed. I knew the game and asked him if he’d ever played another game.

I couldn’t recall the game’s name. It stumped me for a few. I remembered playing it when it was big in the late eighties to early nineties, and described it to him. Then the name came home: “Empire” by Interstellar.

The guy thanked me and went on. I found that my flight was delayed. I began wandering the airport. While doing that, I went back to where I’d fixed my computer. I discovered that I’d left the two brass pieces behind. Horrified at my oversight, I stuffed them into my bag, thankful that nobody had picked them up while wondering what others thought they were if they’d seen them.

The dream ended.

Thursday’s Theme Music

We’ve slipped the surly bonds of one day and into the grasp of another. I shall call this one, Thursday the thirteenth of January, 2022. Having said it, the reality spreads like a virus, infecting everyone.

Sunrise, if you believe your mind and eyes, entered our sliver of being in Ashland at 7:38 AM. The sun will slip away and give us over to night at 5:02 PM. Mild winter weather still coddles us, 54 F now, at almost noon, with room for a few more degrees of warmth today. Syrupy white clouds mingle with gray, waiting to be stirred and spead over long blue legs.

“Photograph” by Def Leppard (1983) cropped into the morning mental music stream. My wife’s mother passed away Feb 18, 2018. A picture of the woman is in my office on top of a book club. Taken toward the end of her eighty-five years, intelligence and humor still rumbled in her blue eyes then, not so much in the last year of her life. Seeing the photograph brought out the song. So, why? Don’t know what the neurons are up to. I’m just the vessel.

Stay positive. Test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vax and boosts when you can. Have coffee if you sway that way. I do, and I will. Cheers

Wednesday’s Theme Music

Welcome to Wednesday in the middle. Today is January 12, 2022. Not quite the middle of the month, still the beginning of a new year, but pushing toward the season’s middle, winter in this region. Sunrise took place at 7:38 AM. Sunset will commence at 5:01 PM. We’re already getting more daylight time, and my body, mind, and spirit are all loving it.

Temperatures continue to be moderate to warm. We hit 61 F yesterday in my neighborhood. It’s 44 now and we anticipate a high of 62 F. Fortunately, snow falls in the higher elevations periodically. The snow pack looks decent now. Fingers crossed that more snow is on the way. I understand that more snow is not what’s requested in other parts of the U.S.

The net informs me that it’s also Take the Stairs Day. No problem with me; I love taking the stairs (others accuse me of being obsessive about it), generally doing two at a time (yeah, show-off). I’m also one that doesn’t treat escalators as a leisure ride. Yes, I’m preening a bit here. What’s new?

Drinking my coffee this morning, I toasted the cat sitting at my feet. He’d been relentlessly shadowing me despite being fed. “Here’s to you,” I said. That opened the door for The Call to bring “Let the Day Begin” (1989) into the morning mental music stream.

So, here’s to the day, Wednesday in the middle. Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask, and get vaxes and boosters when ye can. I’m off for more coffee. Cheers

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