Thursday’s Theme Music

Sing us a song of Thursday, on this twenty-third day of the month. Yes, it’s still December, 2021, for a few more days. Ticking down, though, ticking down.

Our weather report is about fog with 37 degrees temperatures and a sky without a break in the clouds insisting, “Rain is coming.” That’s for the lower elevations. Above two thousand feet, snow is expected with some heavy accumulation, and lower temperatures. The snow levels will be dropping to seventeen hundred, so the valley floor will probably experience a taste. We’re at eighteen hundred feet and will probably enjoy a winter blend.

Concerned thinking this morning brought out the morning mental music stream inhabitant, “Distant Early Warning”, by Rush (1984).

The world weighs on my shoulders
But what am I to do?
You sometimes drive me crazy
But I worry about you

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Have some coffee (or whatever your preference is), stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, do some social distancing, and get the vax and boosters when you can. Onward. Cheers


The royal clowder summoned him to a meeting by the front door. The first floof said, “The weather outside is cold.” The second added, “It’s wet,” and the third went on, “And windy.”

“This must be stopped,” the first finished. “Fix it.”

“I can’t fix it,” the human replied. “I have no control over the weather, guys.”

Cat tails swished. “Silence,” the first floof roared. “If you can’t do it, we’ll replace you with someone who can.”

The three cats stalked off as the man laughed and shouted, “Go ahead and try.”

“Oh, we will,” the floofs replied. “We will.”

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