Libflooftarian (floofinition) 1. Animal who enjoys minimum supervision, rules, or intervention by others.

In use: “Many cats are natural libflooftarians, eschewing assistance and ignoring rules, going wherever they want, doing whatever they wish.”

2. Movement which upholds maximum freedom for animals.

In use: “Libflooftarians stand against caged chickens, pigs, and cows, applauding such laws Proposition 12 passed in California in 2018, which requires animals be given enough space to stand and turn around, as a first decent step.”

Friday’s Theme Music

Happy day of Christmas Eve. It’s a sunny-cloudy-foggy-snowy-misty Friday this December 23, 2021. Lovely to gaze up at the snowed-in mountains and the white-topped evergreens. Snow levels are still a few thousand feet above us. Weather services said that’s gonna change, with snow levels dropping sufficiently for us to get one to three inches in the next twenty-four hours.

Temperature is 34 F. Sunrise kicked in at 7:38 AM and the sun will vacate our immediate airspace at 4:43 PM. A high of 42 is hoped for and a low of 30 is in the charts.

I was out driving in the weather yesterday. Went to dinner at some friends’ home — they provided salad and chili, perfect for the weather, and we provided an apple tart and cornbread, though I confess, I didn’t prepare anything (my wife made the cornbread), and the tart came from TJ’s. Cold and rainy outside, with dusk imminent, I began enjoying the 1979 Gary Numan song, “Cars”, in my mental music stream. It remained in the morning stream so I put it up as the day’s theme music. The song has that 80s robotic-techno vibe (yes, I know it came out in 1979, but music eras aren’t clearly defined by calendars).

I wish happy holidays for you, no matter what you observe (okay, I do draw the line at human and animal sacrifices, and don’t tell me about what anyone used to do), with good health, happiness, and joy. It’s hard to reach the trifecta but please keep trying. Stay positive, test negative, wear a durn mask as needed, and get the jabs when you can. Here’s the music. I’m gonna go rustle up some coffee. Get along, little kitties, get along, get along.


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