Flooftoon (floofinition) – Drawings of animals depicting them expressing funny views or in humorous situations. Cartoons may be a series of drawings or animated.

In use: “Christmas trees and ornaments prompt many flooftoons about pets’ reactions to the holiday decorations, i.e., a dog complaining that he’s not allowed to have a stick in the house but people have brought in an entire tree, or a cat plotting to attack and destroy the tree and its decorations.”

Saturday’s Theme Music

I’ve done it! I reached Saturday!

It’s good to set goals. You feel so good when you achieve them. Making it to Saturday was a modest but important one. It kept me going through the other days, which were sometimes sucky.

Today is December 18, 2021. The sun popped in, spreading sunshine like butter on hot pancakes, at 7:34 AM. A hazy shade of winter is overlaid on the blue. The snowmess of Wednesday and Thursday leaves no local trace except for tales. Current temp is 32 F and a high of 50 F is being dangled in front of our faces.

“Given to Fly” by Pearl Jam (1998) is flying through the morning mental music stream. It’s one of those songs that starts softly but when I used to hear it on the car FM, I’d end up, pressing the volume button to up as the song rushed through the middle.

These were the words that opened the window for PJ to sail through:

He floated back down cause he wanted to share
His key to the locks on the chains he saw everywhere
But first he was stripped and then he was stabbed by faceless men
Well, fuckers, he still stands

h/t to Genius.com

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vax and boosters. I have a new goal: coffee, here I come. And here’s the music. Cheers

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