Wednesday’s Theme Music

Walking with a sense of ennui yesterday, I noticed several blue cars. Teslas, Priuses, Subarus, Volkswagens, BMWs…it was an odd parade of mostly blue cars, with a few silver and green in the mix. All those blue cars brought home the 1996 song, “Counting Blue Cars” by Dishwalla.

I always identified this song with ennui. They’re counting cars and jumping over cracks, like children do, asking questions, like children do, like some people often do without end, searching for an answer, not knowing the question.

Yeah, Happy New Year.


Sunday’s Theme Music

I found myself singing, “Kitty did a bad, bad thing,” to Chris Isaak’s song, “Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing” (1996).

The situation: the neighbor’s cat enjoys our food and company. She’s been our neighbor since we moved into this house in 2006. As the weather has turned and he’s often not home, she’s requested some visiting rights. We accommodate her. Since she’s a sweetheart, we brush her and provide her with cuddles besides feeding her.

But, sweetheart has recently had diarrhea outside out the litter box, on the carpet (twice). No, she didn’t do a bad, bad thing, she clearly had an issue. We notified our neighbor and are restricting her access until her bowel issues clear up.

With that in mind, here is Sunday’s theme music.

Wednesday’s Theme Music

Checking out a faded stop sign, I thought, man, that thing has lost almost all its color. If it wasn’t for its shape, I wouldn’t know what it is. So, yea for the shape of a stop sign, serving its purpose to let you know what it is in all sorts of conditions.

Winding along the road further down, I thought that I’d been on that road a few times the past week, chuckling to myself about it. Between that thought and the sign, the Sheryl Crow song, “Every Day Is A Winding Road” (1996), crept into my thinking stream.

Yeah, every day is a winding road. Few stay as straightforward as planned. I always think of going with the changes and shifts as, riding the wave of the day. I’d like to think the roads are taking me somewhere, but sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. Sometimes, I feel like I’m in the Dichotomy Paradox, where you keep going half the distance left to go, but never get to the end. In theory, it’s impossible because a journey would then take an infinite number of steps and never end.

Yeah, that pretty well sums up my publishing efforts.


Monday’s Theme Music

Out of nothing except I enjoy this song and it was streaming in my head this morning, today’s music is “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt (1996). Maybe this song is in my head because of the period. 1996 wasn’t a great year at first but by the end of the year, it started a satisfying five year run in my personal life. I made my first serious attempts at writing short stories then, and sold a few. Perhaps if I’d not done that, though, I’d not now be addicted to writing novels.

Writing novels is fun if challenging, rewarding, frustrating, and exasperating. Wait; don’t speak. I know just what you’re saying.

Thursday’s Theme Music

I don’t know what triggered what filters on my mental streams this morning to be streaming this song. Dreams? Yes, I had several vivid dreams that I recall. Stress? Don’t think so as I don’t seem stressed today. Cats, food, mineral deficiency, too much of a mineral or vitamin?

I don’t know. The human body is a mysterious beast without a decent, modern diagnostics button. Something may have mis-fired, or it all worked exactly as planned. Either way, I’m now streaming “Lovefool” by the Cardigans (1996) on an infinite loop. Posting about it usually stops the loop, so…here we are.

Wednesday’s Theme Music

This isn’t and wasn’t my preferred listening music. I blame it on the modern office environment where people listen to their own music. They generally need to keep the volume turned down or wear headphones because they’re working in cubicles. I was fortunate because I had an office, so my music was a bit louder. However, I’d walk out, and here is this song playing. Then, hearing it, I said, “What’s that?”

Responding, the music was turned up, and people began doing the dance. This was 1996 in America, people. The song is a little ditty called “Macarana” (Bayside Boys). The song was sweeping the world, even making it to the Democratic National Convention, where Al Gore joked about it.

These things sometimes happen.  Nothing wrong with the song, but it’s not to my taste. But, it’s in my stream today, and I need to get it out.

Over to you.


Friday’s Theme Music

Sheryl Crow’s song, “If It Makes You Happy”, streamed in as I talked with one of the house floofs this morning. I was telling them, “You know, it’s cold out there today. Not freezing, but below forty. The sun is just coming out. Are you sure you want to go out there?”

Boo, the cat, looked up at me and said, “Meow.”

“Okay,” I said. “If it makes you happy.”

And there it was. I figured in a little while, I’d look out and see Boo huddled against the chilly air and wonder, then why are you so sad?

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