The royal clowder gathered for the morning meal inspection. Knowing how critical the august felines could be, he followed the traditional instructions to the letter, calling them out by name as they sat and judged, enthusing about the food choice, opening the can with a flourish, and then placing it in three clean bowls and mushing it up for easy devouring.

Next was the important step. With a deep breath to calm his nerves, he ceremoniously turned and set the bowls down by each cat, reverently speaking their names as he did, “Boo, Tucker, Papi.”

The three stared at the bowls. Boo spoke for the others. “This again?”

Giving him lingering looks that reeked with disapproval, the three stalked away.

He had failed again.

Wednesday’s Theme Music

Hello, life forms. Today is Wednesday, December 22, 2021. Sunset came on us in our valley at 7:37 AM and sunset will be at 4:42 PM. The current temperature is 44 F under mostly cloudy skies. The present clouds don’t promise much of anything now, but rain is in the forecast with a high temperature of 50. Winter storm advisories are out. Predictions call for seven to sixteen inches, but the snow level will be 3,000 feet or more, and we’re below 2,000.

I heard today’s theme song on Ted Lasso the other night. I hadn’t heard this song in a long time it seemed, and it stayed with me, showing up on my walk last night as I took in the valley and the mountain’s shadow spreading across it, and then popping back up in the morning mental music stream today. “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane came out in the first few years of this century. It’s a moody song about changes. Seems to fit.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, don’t be complacent, and get the vaccine and boosters when you can. Now, I need to go see a cup about a coffee. Here’s the music. Cheers

The New Wife Dream

I was given a new wife. I don’t know what happened to my wife and why this was necessary, but a bald white man in a gray business suit looked at a clipboard and made the proclamation in a broad, airy conference room. My new wife was the younger sister of a high school girlfriend. She’d been two years behind me in school.

My new wife and I shook hands and talked. She was as I remembered her, and wore a white blouse. She was pleased with the new relationship. So was I.

She and I went out and sat down on the ground, on white cement. I discovered then that I worked for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The current quarterback, Big Ben Roethlisberger — in uniform — walked up to us and enthused, “How cool it was to see me walking down the tunnel when I was coming up after the game. I’d thrown for 375 yards, four touchdowns, and no interceptions. It was a great game.”

While talking with Ben, we discovered a commercial was being made. We zipped down and watched a fraction of it — something to do with cars, and it used a superball to identify the cars by bouncing the ball off them — and then zipped back to our space on the white cement. The superball being used took off from the shoot location. As it shot by, I grabbed it to return to the shoot. Ben was amused. “They have people to chase those balls down, and they probably have a hundred of the balls.” That made sense. I felt sheepish.

A woman came by looking for me and my new wife. She and I were selected to participate on some special research team.

My new wife and I left, though. Going down to another part of the building, we discovered new cars were on sale. My wife wanted one, so she picked out a small but sporty gray sedan and took it for a test drive. I walked alongside her as she drove it around. I then saw motorcycles for sale. After checking one out, I asked for permission to take it outside for a test ride. That was granted, so I zipped around outside. The motorcycle was not large, but it had strong acceleration, knobby tires, and a comfortable ride. I was pleased and decided I would buy it.

We went into the dining room to get something to eat. It was set up with a buffet line. Not many people were there. I took the last of the baby carrots with peas in butter sauce. I was really excited to get them. A man in a suit showed up. He wanted me to pay for the meal by putting it on my room. I explained to him that we weren’t staying there, that I was a new member. That’s where the dream ended.

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