Sweet & Comfy

And so I sit

in the recliner

legs and hands growing numb

with my ass feeling sore and asleep


with a need to pee,

or maybe more,

not moving and staying at my station

because the cats are on me


You idiot, I groused

Just move

They’re cats

They’ll live

But don’t they look so sweet and comfy?



7 thoughts on “Sweet & Comfy

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  1. Isn’t it amazing how a very small cat can keep a large man pinned and unable to move? “The power of Cute compels you!” or something like that.

    It’s been COLD here lately (-20C last night), and I wake up in the morning with at least two cats sleeping on me.

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    1. A two cat night? -20C brings out the woof in me, as in, “Woof, that’s colder than the balls on a brass monkey.”

      If it were but one, I may have a chance against the cats pinning me down, but it’s two times the power of cute.

      Stay warm, brother. Cheers

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