Orifloofi (floofinition) – Process that animals use to contort themselves to fit into small places or to snooze.

In use: “Doing orifloofi as part of their development, the five kittens managed to fit themselves into one small bowl for a nap.”

Monday’s Theme Music

Happy Lundi, you lunheads.

Yes, today is Lundi, December 13, 2021. It’s raining. The temperature sits at 37 with plans to go lower, bringing snow, our first of the year. Been a long time, been a long time, been a lonely, lonely, lonely time. Snow is part of our December festivities. It used to snow lightly, just enough to elicit oohs, kindling holiday spirits as the snow dusted the decorations. It was especially wonderful during the parade of lights, when Santa visited town. Don’t know if that’ll happen this year. COVID, you know.

Sunrise illuminated the gray wet scene at 7:31 AM and the sun will pass on at 4:39 PM. Today’s high temperature will be 45 and the low will be 25 F.

The morning mental music medley stream includes songs about rain and dreams, just like yesterday, but also Monday songs. Overpowering them all is a cat-inspired song, “I Smell Trouble” by Buddy Guy from 1994. Yes, we’re feeling the blues. The cats have been disliking this whole rain, wind, cold temperatures going on outside. Forced to stay inside, they’re inspecting new ways to annoy one another and new places to go. Some of those places include the verboten areas of the dining room table and the kitchen counters. Of course, once one goes up there, the others are like, “I didn’t know we could go up there,” even though the first was scolded and chased down.

So the cats are singing “I Smell Trouble”.

Lord, knows I’ve tried
To do what’s right

One whole year of stayin’ home
Both day and night

‘Cause I smell a mean trouble
Way over yonder
You know I heard a mean, yeah
Always in trouble people
Lord, they just won’t let me be

h/t to Songfacts.com

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the jabs when you can. I’m getting coffee when I can; I’ve got the jabs. Stay chill.

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