Floofstop (Revised)

Floofstop (floofinition) – 1. An animal that leans against something, preventing it from opening or closing; a cat in the middle of something, like an unmade bed, or a floor, keeping activities from being completed.

In use: “The door couldn’t be opened nor closed because Tucker decided he’d be a floofstop, and his languid, confident demeanor made it clear that he didn’t plan to change vocations any time soon.”

2. A change of activity to quickly address an animal’s needs.

In use: “Getting out of bed, he opened two cans and fed the dog and cats, returning to bed in less than fifty-two seconds, which he considered a very good floofstop.”

3. A regular place where animals sit, especially as a pet in a home.

In use: “The cats’ regular floofstop was the corner by the frig, where they could observe several directions at once and listen as the humans scurried around, preparing a meal.”

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