Floofsake (catfintion) – to do something for the good or betterment of a cat or cats.

In use: “For floofsake, he filled kibble and water bowls each morning and placed them on a shady area of the patio for the cats to visit throughout the day.”


Everyone is equal*

No -ism alters that basic right*

*their gender doesn’t matter

*their sexual orientation does not keep them from being equal

*the gods that they worship are N/A

*where they come from or live is not a concern

*skin color is not factored in

*their politics, language, and culture doesn’t affect the basic premise

*their education, age, wealth or lack of it, what diseases they may have, or who their parents are, doesn’t change a thing

Everyone is equal.

Full stop.


Sunday’s Theme Music

I’d forgotten the Indigo Girls until I saw a Tig Notaro comedy special on Netflix last night. When I thought about forgetting IG, I realized that I don’t hear them on any of the many FM and Sirius XM stations and channels that I listen to. I guess I’m not the only one that forget them. Yet I love the energetic, infectious style that they deliver.

“Shame On You” from 1997 is one of my Indigo Girls favorites. I hope you listen and enjoy.

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