Catmology (catfinition) – the earliest recorded or observed instance of a specific feline’s appearance somewhere.

In use: “They argued over his catmology, with one insisting that he used to sit on the fence across the street, and the other saying, “No, that was a different cat.” In the end, the discussion did little to further their understanding of his age or how and why he’d come to be ‘their’ cat. They could only agree that he now ruled the house.”


Do you ever have an imaginary conversation with someone else, and their imagined responses convince you that they’re right, so you do something different than what you planned?

Yes, this includes imaginary conversations with animals.

Thursday’s Theme Music

Despite today’s rain and cool temperatures, the breezes convey thoughts of summer to me. I confess, I’m ambivalent about declaring a favorite season. Each season brings me moments of pure bliss and gratitude, but the seasons have aspects that vex me, too. I get cranky with too much of the same for too long.¬†What I like best about the seasons is experiencing their changes. They help me remember the past, enjoy the moment, and look forward to the future.

Today, I’m looking forward by remembering Joe Satriani’s hard-charging “Summer Song” to help me enjoy the moment. The video is a little strange to me. You know, I’ve never seen it until now.


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