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Book Find

Don’t you love it when you go into a book store, especially a used book store, for a specific book, and go right to the location and find it on the shelf within seconds of beginning to look?

Sweet feeling. Today’s target was The Darwin Elevator by Jason Bough. A friend recommended it as a fast, enjoyable read.

That Old Chestnut

Fun fact! Did you know that the expression, “That old chestnut,” originated with with Henry Chestnut? Henry was a pharmacist who liked telling comical tales about the way things were in his grandparents’ era, often exaggerating facts to absurd lengths. People in his town often passed on his stories, and the response on hearing them was often, “That old Chestnut,” usually with laughter. Eventually, Henry’s stories were published in a weekly column called, “That old Chestnut.”

The things you can learn on the Intertubes, right?

Drum Roll

Do you ever seem to wait literally forever (right, no hyperbole or exaggeration here) for something like pizza or an ATM delivering your cash, so you begin a drum roll, because it seems apropos?

No? Is it just me, then? Are you implying that I’m impatient?


Floof-eyes (catfinition) – Internet slang for a cat’s loving, enticing look, often accompanied with purring, and sometimes with kneading, or “making biscuits”.

In use: “She was on the edge of running late when her big Norwegian jumped onto the table in front of her and fixed his green floof-eyes on her. With a sigh, she began scratching his chin, accepting, she was going to be late. At least she had a good excuse, damn his floof-eyes.”

Tuesday’s Theme Music

This one came to me in the bathroom this morning.

In there to do the morning toiletI sniffed my pits (I don’t know why, nor why I write it), and said, “Damn, I’m a dirty white boy.” Click. My mind began streaming Foreigner’s “Dirty White Boy” from 1979.

As a felicitous coincidence, the local rock station played the song on the radio as I drove downtown. I thought, “That seals it! The song was predestined to be my theme music today.” Because, you know, coincidences are always omens.


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