Bless You

Where does everyone stand on blessing people when they sneeze? I mean, I say, “Excuse me,” when I sneeze. I notice many people don’t. I tell others, “Bless you,” when I’m near someone who sneezes, even though I’m agnostic, with tendencies that slide toward being an atheist. It’s something mom taught me to do. It was considered polite. That training, though, was almost sixty years ago. She could have been conning me, for all that I know. I was young and just learning the language.

Also, if someone is wearing headphones and can’t hear you, should you still say, “Bless you?”

Should I just drop the whole thing because it’s an outdated custom?


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  1. Whether I know the person or not, I say it no matter where I am (the store, home, etc.). I am sure someone might be offended (is it possible not to offend someone for any action or non-action any more?), but most don’t appear to be, often saying, “thanks” in return. It may be outdated, but I will probably continue.

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