Salazin – Four

Mouth agape, I stared at Salazin, looking for a sense of humor. He had one but it didn’t seem present at this time.

“What did you say?” I said.

“I said your ship will be ten miles long.”



“Ten miles.”

“Yes, ten miles.” Looking serious, Salazin picked up his beer and watched me.

He didn’t drink much alcohol. I never saw him actually finish beer. I always thought he pretended to drink to put me at ease.

Well, not always. At first, I thought he drank like I did. About a week into our friendship, I began to realize that he didn’t.

“Ten miles long?” I said. The words began to gain substance. “Ten miles long?” I was searching for references. I ran two miles a day. This ship would be five times as long as my daily run. “How wide will it be?”

“One half of a mile wide.”

While that sounded more acceptable, it still seemed unbelievable. A half a mile wide would be an impressive length. Ten miles…ten miles was fucking unbelievable.

Ten miles by half a mile. The ship would be long and narrow. “The engines for this,” I said.

Salazin watched me.

“They have to be enormous,” I said.

“No.” Salazin shook his head. “I told you. <TK> has developed new technology.”

Yes, he’d mentioned her before. “Right, I remember. You always said you would introduce me to her.”

“Yes, and I will. Her travel has been delayed.”

Her travel has been delayed. That statement seemed innocuous back then. Now it seemed like it was heavy with weight. Back then, I thought, airlines, flights, cancellations, weather. Now, thinking, her travel has been delayed, I think, from where?

From what planet?

By what means?

The Obsession

Don’t you hate it when you’re out somewhere, and discover that you have something stuck between your teeth? It becomes an immediate obsession for your tongue while all you do is think is, how can I discreetly get this out? Meanwhile, you fight with the urge to just do something and get the frigging piece removed.

The Power

She weighs less than half of any of the boys, and she’s older than them. Fifteen years (in human terms) have been lived, and who knows how many lives she’s used up? But when she comes into the yard, she gives each boy a look, and they get way, waaayyy back while she helps herself to their kibble.

Old and small, she’s still got the power.

Between Holes

I’m caught between holes. One hole makes me feel like my pants are sliding down, so I’m always hitching them back up. Using the next hole on my belt puts pressure on a back nerve that ends up being a hole of pain and discomfort.

I ask my clothes and body, “Can’t you guys get together and work this out?” They reply, “It’s not us, it’s the belt.”

Maybe I’ll shop for a new belt. He’s been with me a long time, but I need to re-consider his position.

Thursday’s Theme Music

I always have enjoyed convertibles. Named spyders and spiders, roadsters, rag tops, I include the targas and tee tops in this group. The top down lets the world in when you’re motoring along.

I was trying my best to emulate that yesterday. A gentle spring sun warmed the day into aspirations of summer. Our little town was an idyllic verdant green. Sunroof and windows open, I was cruising home like it was yesteryear. To help me on that journey, the radio station played C.C.R.’s eight plus minute version of “Suzy Q”. Turning it up, I felt like a teenager for the six minutes that I listened as I drove home.

Not too much to the lyrics. Very straightforward, but I enjoy the guitar work and the variations on the drums and cymbals that arise.


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