Thursday’s Theme Music

Welcome to Threesday! Yes, Threesday. Many people aren’t aware of the origins of Thursday, but it comes from the invading hordes that were taking down the Roman Empire. The Romans thought, ‘thurs’ was a reference to ‘three’ in the pagan language because the invaders would sometimes hold up three fingers. The invaders were telling the Romans that they’d be back in three days, on Thor’s Day. Oh, the things that mixed-up communications have given us. Of course, I made most of that up just now. As far as I know, the Thor’s Day part might be true.

The cats were waiting for the sun to arrive this morning. When it did at 7:22 AM, they all yawned, stretched, and asked, “What’s for breakfast? Come on, get up! Time to eat.” The temperature then was 28 F locally. It’s expected to climb to 55 before the sun takes its show over the horizon at 5:28 this evening. Islands of white clouds linger along the northern horizons above the mountains like the promise of a new land, but the sky is otherwise a hazy, lazy blue.

I have Lenny Kravitz singing “Are You Gonna Go My Way” stuck in the morning mental music stream. I know I’ve used his 1993 release as my theme music before, but the song is worming through my head this AM. I must share it to release it. Hence, it’s the day’s theme music.

Be safe, be smart, stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, get the vaxes and boosters when ye can, and take time to sit and smell the coffee. I’m now going to smell and drink my coffee. Happy Threesday to you. Cheers

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