The royal clowder’s faces were grumpy. “I’m bored,” the first floof said. “This — ” He flicked a tail of disdain. ” — snow outside is ruining my day. There are no birds to watch, other cats to chat up, nor even squirrels to argue. I want sunshine!”

“I’m bored,” the second floof said as the third said, “I’m bored, entertain me.”

“Sorry, guys,” the man replied. “There is nothing I can do about it. Here’s some catnip and a couple stuffed mouses to bat around.” He walked off.

The floofs glared at his back. “I say that we replace him,” one said.

“Perhaps,” the second said. “Look how long we’ve had him, and he still doesn’t give us the food and treat that we demand.”

“Not to mention that he can’t do anything about the weather,” the first floof said.

“I’m bored,” the third floof said, and then assumed an attack position. “Wanna fight?”

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