Fitbit Mystery

My wife was preparing for bed and removing her Fitbit. It was a few minutes after midnight. She said, “There’s no way you’re going to have more steps than me today.”

A weird thing to say a few minutes after midnight. The Fitbit resets at midnight.

She showed me her steps: 69,697.


The next morning (yesterday), she was at an even 70,000. “Fix it for me,” she said. “I tried syncing and I couldn’t.”

Well, I logged in and looked at her settings. Everything was good. She hadn’t synced, her account said, since last November. I synced it and searched for why she may have had a surge. Nothing came up on the net and the Fitbit working fine today.

Just one of those mysteries, I guess. I do have a theory and I’ll check that later.

The Path

Sometimes I think

You’re deliberately ignorant

And sometimes it appears

That you’re maliciously slow

But wherever you are

Is wherever I go

I’ll follow you there

And even more

I’ll carry you on

When we’ve gone too far

Though the sun stops shining

And we lose ourselves

Yeah, we lose our minds

And our sense of time

Though I don’t always show it

I hope you still know

Wherever you are

Is wherever I’ll go

I’ll follow you

I will follow you

The Distraction

The royal clowder lined up at his feet as the man made his way into his office. “What?” he asked, stopping, looking down at them, a cup of coffee in hand.

The cats began singing.

“We three cats have come to bug you.

“The weather is bad and we’ve nothing to do.

“We’re bored and restless and don’t like our food.

“Come and pet us or we’ll start biting you.”

The man rolled his eyes. “That old chestnut.” Then he threw a ball across the room to distract, darted into his office when they dashed away, closed the door, and put on noise-canceling headphones.

Sometimes, that was the only way he could get something done.

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