The Madness

Yeah, here we go, a first-world rant.

I’m in ‘my’ coffee shop this morning. It’s about fifty degrees and sunny outside. In here, they have the air-conditioning running. Whaaat? But worse, they’re playing Christmas lullabies. You know what I mean. A Christmas lullaby is one of those old chestnuts being played at a slooow, mellooow speeed, so slow that the singer sounds like they’re on the verge of going to sleep themselves.

I think, the madness, technology, calendar, holidays, and expectations clashing. Oh, the horror, the horror.

Remember, only two million years till Christmas. Make it count.

Not That

I’m not that old when you look at the seas

not that young when you look at me

I know I’m male, maybe fiveĀ on a scale

but I don’t know what that means

I’m not that white when you look at snow

not that dark when you look at me

not that dumb when you see a rock

not that smart when you talk to me

I’m not that bright when you look at the sun

not that companionable when you’re looking for fun

not that simple when you add one and one

not that easy when you take away one

not that worldly in the sum of my parts

not that able, strong, or smart

not that forgiving in what I’ve seen and heard

not that judgmental in the lessons learned


Wash me in yellow

the bright color of hopeful change

spritz me with marigolds

press me to get out of my lane


Soak me in yella

optimism and light

help me see past the madness and badness

and pursue what’s right


Drown me in yeller

make it an ocean of chance

a place where all are happy

and there’s singing and dance


Coat me in yellow

let it cover me all

like dazzling leaves on a tree

in the bright sunshine of fall

The Waves

Stressed and blessed

encouraged and discouraged

he’s riding the waves of the day

Angry and numb

frustrated and feeling dumb

she’s riding the waves of the day

cascading and rising

falling and sliding

the waves lift you up and

take you under

man and woman

no matter skin or order

all of us ride the waves of the day

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