gliding in with promises made for others

April taunts me on the outside of the window

safe from the thing that I and the ones like me

might do to her

Together Again

It’s funny, but sometimes when I post or share something humorous or sad on Facebook, the same two people react to it. They always react the same way. It’s memorable to me because they were married for a decade and then had an acrimonious divorce. I was so sad to see them part. They’d been one of my favorite couples.

Now they won’t speak to one another, and I can’t enjoy the company of the two of them together. Except there they are, on Facebook, together again, laughing, shocked, angry, and crying through emoticons.


Inspired by my ginger warrior napping on our bed. This isn’t a photo of him; I tried to get one, but he immediately bounded up, yawning and stretching, inquiring of me, “What’re you doin? What’s goin’ on? Wanna pet me? Huh? Huh?”



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