A recent Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows that “44 percent of Republicans believe that Bill Gates is plotting to use a mass COVID-19 vaccination campaign as a pretext to implant microchips in billions of people and monitor their movements.”

I said, what? Is this the BillGatesgate? Or is it called chipgate?

I hope it’s not chipgate. Chipgate should be about ridiculous chip flavors being inflicted on the salty, greasy crunchiness that are potato chips. If I want a maple doughnut, I’ll eat a doughnut, not potato chips.

Note to self: get doughnuts.

Other polling results include the Chuck Norris kick to the head that only 26 percent of Republicans were able to “correctly identify” a false and “widely debunked” conspiracy theory. More than 80 percent of Democrats realize that Bill Gates isn’t microchipping people. I pause, though, to think, 20 percent of Democrats believe this crazy idea.

Hmm, I wonder. What’s old Bill up to, chipping us like that? Is he trying to take control of us to stop the spread of crazy ideas about him?

That they’re spreading the idea via social media explodes my head with irony. Many people have cell phones almost glued to their hands. “Where’s my phone?” is a common question people ask themselves. “Why did I put my phone?” “Where did I leave my phone?” “Has anyone seen my phone?” It’s like another child. Or do they not own iPhones and other smartphones with GPS, or cars with navigation systems or net connectivity? Are they using VPN at home, not accepting cookies, and wiping their tracks from the net?

I’ll bet over eighty percent of you said, “What?”

No surprise, then, that madhatters are out there insisting that no mask is a good mask, mocking the maskers for being sheeple. Meanwhile, over half of the social media posts demanding that the U.S. re-opens for business can be traced back to bots. Well, if it worked once, then it’ll work a zillion times, right? Sure; bludgeon people with the same information again and again and they’ll start believing it.

I mean, it worked for invading Iraq as part of the response to 9/11, ‘her emails’ to smear Clinton, show us the birth certificate trumpshit, and the whole, ‘the poor wealthy need a big tax break, cause trickle-down’ nonsense.

Now, excuse me, but a doughnut awaits. I just read that eating a doughnut a day will help you live longer, keep you mentally sharp, and improve your sex life.

Can you believe it?



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  1. Unbelievable, isn’t it? There are even people in Canada who believe this nonsense. Honestly, why would Bill Gates need to microchip people when Google already tracks our every move? I can’t look anything up without getting ads for that product for days!

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    1. I know! It’s fun to shop for weird shit just to throw confusion into the ads. Then, though, the ads must be endured. Go high, I always figure, and shop for expensive things — yachts, cars, aircraft, mansions, islands. They must think I’m a billionaire by now.

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    1. Latest variation has that evil liberal genius, George Soros, involved. Just pushing the usual buttons, aren’t they? So little imagination, and less apparent critical thinking.

      I’m not worried about Zuckerberg; I read on Facebook that he’s dead. Just 36 years old. Tragic, innit?


      1. Really? I read that he was just a plastic mannequin this whole time.

        I’m actually a little surprised it took this long for George Soros to come up. Let’s see– we have anti-vax, Democrat hoax, Liberal bias, “it was Obama’s fault,” Gates, Soros– I guess we just need to get the Clintons in there and we have the whole set.

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