Picklefloof (floofinition) – 1. An animal who keeps getting itself into a difficult or problematic situation.

In use: “Sara learned within days that her new cat, Neo, was a picklefloof, jumping into places where she couldn’t extricate herself, and then yelling for help.”

2. Animal(s) which enjoy interfering with ball games or activities involving throwing or hitting objects.

In use: “Ping pong and throwing a frisbee around were two activities which required Max to be locked up before play commenced, as the picklefloof would intercept the ball or frisbee at his first chance, and then the chase was on.”

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  1. We once had a floof named Pickles, for that very reason — she was always in a pickle! Once, she got into the kitchen trash and got her head stuck in an empty can of corn … came violently into the living room, bouncing off of walls and furniture, and I was the only one brave enough to go near enough to remove the can from her head! Another time, she got hung in the horizontal window blinds and would have died, but I rescued her … I still have the scars to prove it!!! I well remember coming home from work one day, and the neighbor came to tell me that when the maintenance dude came to change the furnace filters, Pickles had jumped onto his back and attacked him! Funny, they stopped coming ’round to change the filters after that! R.I.P. Pickles!

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      1. Oh she was indeed! She could jump straight upward from the floor to the top of the interior doors, appoximately 7.5 feet, and never miss a beat. Then, she would lie in wait for someone to walk by and leap onto their shoulder! Is it any wonder I have heart problems???

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