Thursday’s Theme Music

Mornin’, fellow fogheads. If you’re in my valley, you’re probably a foghead, that is one walking in fog. For it is Thursday, December 2, 2021, and it’s a languid foggy AM. Sunshine is trying to breach the fog wall. It did successfully do so in yesterday’s mid-afternoon. Kind of entrancing right now, with glimmers of sunlight eking through the fog’s western perimeter, above the pine and fir clad mountainside, and a train whistle blowing as a locomotive and its cargo stops traffic on its way north. Temperatures are rolling up through the low forties right now on their way to an expected high in the mid-fifties. All this stagnant, foggy air is expected to last until next week when a new Pacific storm slides in. These temperatures are higher than average, piling more worries up about the mountain snowpacks that feed our water supply throughout the year. Sunrise was at 7:21 AM. Sunset will occur at 4:40 PM. However, we’re in the mountains’ shadow, so it feels like the sun pulls down the night on us earlier than that.

Dreams are also foggy and, prosaic of what I remember of them. All that improbably leads to Boston playing “Peace of Mind” from 1977. I always like those lyrics that demand, “Take a look ahead,” followed by exhortations, “Look ahead,” repeated a few times. Regardless of my frequency of posting about the past or sharing memories, I’m a person who prefers to look ahead. It’s a good theme song as we begin closing down 2021 and start prepping for 2022.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vax and booster when you’re able. Carpe diem. I’ll start by carpe coffee. Here’s the music. It’s an interesting video of Boston doing the song live in 1979. RIFP, Brad Delp, who committed suicide in 2007, when he was 56. That’s home on vocals, giving his all.


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