Monday’s Theme Music

It’s a draggin’ Monday. Speaking personally. How else can I speak. Also, it’s a metaphorical speaking, cuz I’m writing.

Monday. March 20, 2023. A series of depressing dreams left me depressed. I feel tired from it all.

The sun managed some light between clouds and rain at 7:14 this morning. Temperature is 36 F with a high of 56 F stealing in. Ashlandia’s sunset, famous around the world for its stupendous resemblance to other landlocked places surrounded by moderate mountains, will be at 7:23. Other than when people are up at one of the mountain wineries sampling a flight, folks rarely mention our sunsets, except for those times when wildfires’ nasty air rewards us with interesting colors.

It’s been raining, and it’s going to rain. As can be expected, it’ll also be mostly cloudy.

I thought I needed a little goofiness infused so I challenged The Neurons to come up with something. They gifted me “Don’t Let’s Start” by They Might Be Giants. The song was released in 1977, but ten years later, in Germany, Bob and I were discussing it at a party, pleased that we knew the song. The convo started when Bob said, “Don’t, don’t, let’s not start,” referencing work, and I replied, “Don’t, don’t, let’s start, this is the worst part.” He told me later, he felt it cemented our friendship.

Alright, coffee is here, and Papi is back in the house, after checking the weather outside — the sun is actually now out, he says, but it’s boring. Stay pos as best as you can. Here’s the music. Cheers

Tuesday’s Theme Music

We’re into the week’s repeat cycle. Sunny. Blue and white sky. 35 F. High, 41. Winter warning out for later today. Snow down to 1500 feet. 1-3 inches. Sunrise a minute earlier than yesterday. Sunset a minute later today.

That’s the summary for March 7, 2023. Tuesday.

Got Foreigner’s “Double Vision” from 1978 in the morning mental music stream. Dream brought it on. Won’t encumber you with details. Actually, still sorting it. I will say that I don’t know how “Double Vision” is related.

1978 found me going from Texas to WV, from the military to a restaurant owner and a college student. Hectic period of searching for myself.

It’s a brief ‘un today. My annoyance meter is rising. Just one of those things. Happens once a month. Usually one to two days. Gets really dark sometimes. Don’t know in advance where it’ll fall.

Stay pos if you can. A sip of coffee awaits my lips. Have a better one. Cheers

Tuesday’s Theme Music

Happy Valentine Day — or is it Valentine’s Day — or Valentines Day — to you if you’re into that. I’m not. I’ve always considered it the most manufactured of manufactured holidays. My wife, K, was the same when we were younger. She has changed; I haven’t. But then, as she told me when we first dated, “You’re not very romantic, are you?” No, I’m not. I tried being more romantic, but she mocked every effort to be more romantic. So here I am. There’s nature vs. nurture for you.

It’s Tuesday, February 14, 2023. An inch of snow has fallen as part of the great weather warning. They told us we were likely to see six to seven inches in our Ashlandia. People raced around town to buy food and get errands completed before the great storm was upon us. They warned us about it for days. Well, we prepared. But I’d rather be warned and prepared than to not be warned at all.

Sunrise came at 7:09 this morning, not much presence against the dirty white tee shirt that is our morning sky. Temperature is 0 C. Expect a high of 40 F, the weather experts advise, before sunset at 5:42 PM Ashlandia stardard time.

Been addressing Tucker’s health. The big black and white feline suddenly was hobbling and could not jump. He’s aging so I thought, arthritis. Bought some arthritis treats for him. He enjoyed them but he’s always had gum problems and has lost many teeth. They were too much for him. So I crumble a treat each day and put it in about an ounce of hot water, then give him to him with a dropper. It’s made such a difference in his motility, it’s wonderful to witness. The treat is “Pet Naturals Hip and Joint Support Supplement for Cats”. I learned about it from another pet owner a few years ago, and I recommend it.

Have a Fleetwood Mac song called “Never Going Back Again” from 1977 dialed up by The Neutrons. Started from a dream today, but was reinforced by memory. The song came out when I was 21. I was in the military, married, contemplating choices. This song cemented some decisions for me, like, “I’m done with that. Never going back again.”

Stay pos and enjoy your Tuesday, shaping it best that you can. Once I’ve fortified myself with hot black coffee, I’ll try to do the same. Cheers, my friends.

Thursday’s Theme Music

Inventory was conducted. The winds were still. All fences and local trees were standing. Pavement and land were soaked but no flooding. Clouds, but also blue sky and sunshine. Not like NorCal. The storm slammed them. We were on the edge and fared better. Some power outages. All attending the beer group had identified a local tree as a candidate to fall because the trees’ movements or conditions made it seem like the trees were on edge of crashing down.

The wind went into sledgehammer mode yesterday. I saw a delivery man carrying a box across the street go suddenly sideways. A whirl of leaves rushed him, did a little celebration with him as their locus, and flew on, disturbing to new adventures. Delivery man recovered, lowering his head and plunging on. Rain did the drum solos from “Wipe Out” (Surfaris, 1963) throughout the night. Officially, the highest wind gusts were 65 MPH. The roar and thumps made it sound like more.

It’s January 5, 2023. The planet aimed our valley toward the sun at — again — 7:40 this morning. The rotation will move us toward night at 4:53 PM. 50 degrees F is what the thermometer now says but adds the caveat, “feels like 43”. Today’s high will drag itself up to 53 F. A high wind advisory is in effect.

Today’s song is a Boston favorite which The Neurons loaded into the morning mental music stream. “Don’t Look Back” came out in 1977. It was a Randy favorite. Randy is a friend who passed away years ago. A few months older than me, he never made 60 yo. The boy loved his rock. Not looking back feels imperative today. Make plans. Move on them. Don’t look back on your shortcomings and failures. Determine what stopped you and overcome. Press on.

Stay pos and test neg. I look forward to coffee. Here’s the music, and a toast to you, and your day. Cheers

Sunday’s Theme Music

Sunday slipped into space with the weariness of an old ship being brought into port the final time. Rain and cold air heralded his arrival. Lackluster sunrise contributed its presence at 7:29 AM, or as the house floofs term it, midday. They’ve been up a few hours, pranking one another, running around, and asking me to play with them. “In a little while,” I slur with sleep-induced laziness.

Welcome to December 11, 2022.

The floofs have eaten and are now asleep. It’s 2 degrees C out but don’t worry, it’ll spunk up to 44 F before the sun slinks away at 4:39 PM. It’ll get down to 34 F tonight and up to 46 tomorrow before dropping to 25 tomorrow night. We’re expecting snow showers sometime during this up and down cycle.

I have “She’s Not There” in my morning mental music stream. It’s the Santana version. Yeah, a repeat, delivered by Les Neurons after I answered a survey about my recent replacement part shopping experience. I detailed it more in the post, “Replacement Part”. Anyway, I commented to the company that they’re not there on the weekends. Les Neurons shuffled from ‘you’ to ‘she’ faster than a floof can eat a treat. The Zombies did a great job with the Argent written song in 1964. I know it well and admired it. But Les Neurons keep playing Carlos Santana’s guitar from his group’s cover of it in 1977. Who am I to argue with my neurons? Might as well argue with the floofs or muses. Those are all arguments I will lose, along with any engaged with my spouse.

Stay positive, test negative, and if you fail, try again, right? I need some coffee. Here’s Santana and the song. Have a better one. Cheers

Thursday’s Theme Music

We have a new and improved Wednesday at our fingertips. Never sullied by human behavior before, this Wednesday is an ideal gift for Mom or Dad, big brother or little sister, or even —

Excuse me, just a moment. The Neurons are clamoring for my attention.

What? It’s not. Oh. Well.

Sorry for the typo. This is a new and improved Thursday.

Aw, forget it. The magic is gone, the spirit is ruined.

This is Thursday, October 20, 2022, brand new, etc.

Sunshine unveiled itself in our valley at 7:29 AM and will illuminate our life until it’s turned away at 6:21. It’s 57 F now but 86 F is foretold for this afternoon. But the plants are whispering, “Rain is coming.” Not today, but it’s coming.

I have “livin'” on my mind as part of song titles, like “Livin’ on A Prayer”, “Livin’ on A Wing”, “Livin’ on A Hill”, and “Livin’ in a Can”. Don’t know which of those is an actual song, except I’m sure the first one is a Bon Jovi tune. Rising to the moment, The Neurons have thrust “Feels Like the First Time” by Foreigner (1977) into the morning mental music stream. They explain that it fits right in with the fact that this day is a brand-new day. (Side bar: couldn’t they have just used Sting’s “Brand New Day”?) They explain that in the Foreigner song are the words, “Never will again, never again,” which, The Neurons think, makes sense for a brand-new day: it’ll never be again, so make the most of it.

I’ll give them that since I lack the coffee energy to debate them. Stay positive, test negative, etc. Here’s the music. Enjoy it. Also enjoy your brand-new day if you can. We’ll hopefully get another one tomorrow. Now it’s coffee for me.


Friday’s Theme Music

The door is thrown open, and there it is. Everyone walks in, looking and whispering in awed tones. Friday, revamped and new, was open to the public. Speculation about what to expect from this new Friday had been traveling mouth to ear for months. Now that it was here…well, first, they were excited. Then they were deflated.

Officially, Friday was July 29, 2022. “It’s just like yesterday,” one woman was heard to complain. “Hot and miserable. I waited all week for this?”

The heat is the thing in our area. Currently, 8:30 AM, it’s 26 C. Yesterday, Thursday, reached 106 F at my house, according to my ancient home weather system, with the forecast calling for a high of 108 F. The car claimed it was 111 F at one point. Today’s forecast says the high will be 110 F. Tomorrow, it’s expected to cool off to 107 F, and then drop back below 100 by Monday. We keep our eyes on the skies as thunderboomer clouds build, checking apps for reports of lightning strikes and fire. Knock on wood, we’ve been spared, and the fires have been found and put out fast.

Sunrise came after six this morning, 6:01, and sunset will be at 8:34 PM.

I have “Cold As Ice” by Foreigner in the morning mental music stream. This 1977 song is a deliberate choice as I pursue a ‘mind over environment’ angle for handling the day.

Hope your weather is good, and your day’s experience is great. I know with so much going on that those hopes aren’t always achievable, but let’s make the effort to believe and try to improve our lives. Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and vax as needed. Coffee? What, it’s 80 F outside right now. What are you waiting for? Pour.


Tuesday’s Theme Music

The rain is crushing it this July, 2022. With rain today, it’s been a rainy start, with showers and storms every day except the first. I’m liking it.

This is Tuesday the fifth. Our overnight low sank to 55 F but the temperature pulled itself up by its bootstraps, to use a worn and inappropriate expression, and now sits at 20 C again. The high will be about 75 to 77 F. Maybe 76, which is twelve degrees below average for the day and twenty-six below the record high. The sun’s initial appearance was at 5:41 AM. Sunset will be: yes 8:50 PM. Again.

While listening to the rain with the window open in the office, I smelled smoke. I mentioned it to my wife. She said it smelled like a bonfire. I looked out for signs of smoke from fires, whereupon The Neurons lit up “Smoke From A Distant Fire” in the mental music stream. I didn’t know who did it or when it was released. I asked The Neurons and they were all like, “Song? Song? What song?” I thought the song might have been released sometime in the 1970s but had to research it to learn it was 1977 and the Sanford-Townsend Band. I felt sorry for them that I knew their song but not them. Still, they’d tried and had temporarily broken onto pop’s big stage and had a moment, right?

Stay positive, etc. This feels like a good coffee day. Excuse me while I get some. Here’s the music. Know the song? Cheers

Thursday’s Theme Music

Doors ajar, windows open, cool morning air flows through the house. It’s 64 F out but will strike the upper nineties today. We’re bracing for the weekend when triple digit are expected for the first time this year for us.

Meanwhile, we’ll enjoy this day, because it’s here, and we are, too. It’s Thursday, June 23, 2022. Sunrise came as expected, just after dark thirty this AM. Sunshine will rule until sunset, just before 9 PM this evening.

I have “Barracuda” by Heart from 1977 in the morning mental music stream. I remember that one friend at the time of the song’s release hated this song, just hated it, always complaining because everyone thought Heart was Nancy and Ann, and that enraged him. I realized that he didn’t hate the song, but the group. Around then, I noticed him veering sharply toward racism and sexism and curtailed associating with him.

The neurons brought “Barracuda” forward because of a quote I’d one read from one of the Wilson sisters about “Barracuda” being based on another group’s song. She said, paraphrasing, you steal or borrow what you love and make it your own. I’ve observed it countless times in rock music and novels. I’m doing it my novel, because that’s how it works. I don’t call it stealing or borrowing: I call it inspiration.

Stay positive and test negative. Papi just came in and reminded me that it’s time for coffee. He’s right. Such a smart cat. Cheers

Wednesday’s Theme Music

Basking in some weak sunshine on a chilly morning. 50 F out but you can’t prove that by me. The cats agree, it’s meh outside.

Today is Wednesday, 18 May 2022. Lethargic today. I need coffee to get up and get my coffee. I exercise almost every morning. Five out of seven is the weekly average. Early errands usually forestall the other days’ exercising. This morning, I did one and thought, should I do more? I did, later.

While it’s 50 now, we expect 75 before sunset is struck at 8:28 PM. The sunrise, a lightening of the gray, was at 5:47 this morning. I wasn’t there for it.

I don’t know where the song in my morning mental music stream came from. Originating in the 1970s by the glam rock band, the Tubes, “White Punks on Dope”. The song reminds me of songs that were played in “This is Spinal Tap”, the mockrockumentary. Don’t know why the neurons dragged the song up out of the subconscious basement. It seems like a strange twist even for them.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as or when needed, and so on. And vote. Vote for some positive change this year. Also vote to have someone bring me a cuppa coffee so I can become a white punk on caffeine. No?

Guess I’ll do it myself.

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