Flooftone (floofinition) – The sound device, practice, or methodology employed by a housepet to get others’ attention or put forward demands.

In use: “Danny the Yorkie believed in going to bed at ten, and if he was ready, everyone else needed to go, a decision announced by his flooftone: a single sharp bark once a minute at the bedroom door until everyone went to bed.”

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  1. Smart Yorkie! Mine, being moggies, are less vocal, but our Oliver can tell time. Every day, between 1:15 and 1:20, my friend Herb calls me on his lunch break from work. It is a time that I have no computer in my lap, and Oliver knows he can get nearly unlimited pets for about 1/2 hour. He knows when it is time for “Uncle Herbie” to call … by 1:00 he is sitting in front of my chair, patiently waiting, and the minute my phone rings, he leaps into my lap! One day, it was a wrong number and I never saw such a disappointed cat! 😿

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