Like Phoenix rising, I will lift and soar,

mocking those who said, “Nevermore.”

They thought my time was done,

and now they’ll see that I’ve just begun.

Gaining power with every beat,

I will fly and press beyond defeat.

Yes, they may say that they think they know,

but they don’t know how far I can go.


Macrofloof (floofinition) – A very large fish, bird, or animal, especially housepets.

In use: “Pancho, the Maine Coon Cat, was a natural macrofloof. Tall and long, Pancho weighed almost thirty pounds, but compared to his buddy, Cisco the Newfie, Pancho was almost a tiny beast. Almost. Cisco was a mega macrofloof.”


Wednesday’s Theme Song

“That’s why you can’t hold me down. You can’t tie me down. I gotta gotta gotta get away.”

I awoke with Jimi Hendix 1967 song, “Stone Free” in my stream. (I think I was missing up choruses, though.) I think it came about from judgement calls on people like Greta Thunberg about everything except what’s she say. People were throwing superficial criticisms at her; some even suggested that she was mentally ill. Most also mocked her as a child because she’s still a teenager.

Never mind that she’s making intelligent points about the environment. Never mind that elsewhere people are quite willing to use teenagers as soldiers or proclaim them able to carry and give birth to a child, or to be married.

Thankfully, Greta is above being shamed for who she is and is proud of what she does. I only wish I had her balls.

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