Snowfloof (floofinition) – 1. Animal who is fond of being in the snow. 2. Snow sculpture of an animal.

In use: “The little princess, Her Most Serene Highness – yes, that’s her acquired name – wasn’t a snowfloof, oh, no, not at all, venturing out once. With each step, she shook her her paws from that disgusting stuff on her tiny paws. Within two feet, she’d realized it was falling from the sky and landing on her, and no amount of licking was resolving the problem. Well, that was it. She bolted right back into the house, cleaned herself off, and glared death at the sky for betraying her with this falling wet stuff and hiding her sunshine.”


Keyfloof (floofinition) – 1. Pet(s) or animals who insist on sleeping on computer keyboards or typewriters. 2. Pet who likes to steal and hide keys. 3. Pet who is given paramount consideration when any plans are being made.

In use: “It started with cat as a kitten. He was a keyfloof at three weeks old. It was so cute, that they permitted it to continue. Next, the parrot made it a habit to land and strut on the keyboard. Then the dog started trying to be a keyfloof – all seventy-two pounds of him.”


Thrufloof (floofinition) – Pet(s) who insist on being in the middle of whatever is going on, forcing everyone to go around them or work around them.

In use: “Whether by nature or association, all three pets were thrufloofs, with the beagle eagerly inspecting every piece of mail, bag, box, and shoe that came in, with the cats right alongside him, forcing everyone to walk carefully, lest a paw or tail get stepped on.”

Eating Guide

Time for me to eat lunch. It’s a tougher choice with recent health issues (nothing major), being on meds (nothing major), and de-conflicting healthy choices, hunger, social justice, environmental issues, price, and convenience. To help make decisions, I created this handy matrix to help me decide. It’s so useful, I thought I’d share it, in case others are in a similar situation. You’re welcome!

(Okay, it is a lil’ bit o’ Friday snark. Forgive me.)


Low Priority

Snark time.

We receive our credit card statement by old-fashioned (in this era – it was modern in another time, I swear) snail mail. A personal check is written to cover our charges, and then it’s mailed back, with a stamp. Each month, the credit card company then sends me an email, verifying that the payment has been received and the bill is paid. They also tell me, “Next time, quickly and easily pay your bill using any checking, money market, or savings account – at home or on the go – ”

Yes, because one BIG priority in my life is to PAY MY CREDIT CARD BILL MORE QUICKLY. Because that benefits me…how?

I think we know who benefits from paying my bill by an e-process or app more quickly, and it ain’t me and my wife.

Friday’s Theme Music

You know, some days you get up feeling really good, and then you read the news or hear some crappy info being spewed from somewhere, something that makes you feel like the Earth is opening up and sucking  you down. This song is for those moments: “Don’t Bring Me Down” by ELO (1979). Some days, you gotta fight back.

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