Imfloofure (floofinition) – to enclose with housepets as if within walls.

In use: “When he settled on the sofa in the sunshine for a nap, the kittens and puppies joined him until their furry bodies imfloofured him. It was the best nap he’d ever known.”


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  1. Hahahahaha I legit just wrote to my English compatriot about lying down on his chaise waiting for an answer to my proposition. You spying on me? Haha. No you’re not. You’re a herald. The tides are turning Michael, Gabriel is waging war this time around.

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      1. Hey Buzz, I’ve shed the timber and Pinocchio is finally a real boy – err… GIRL – now. I’m waking up all the toys. I haven’t forgotten you. I’ve got Andy and we’re cleaning out the toy box!

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