Floofstice (floofinition) – the time of a sun’s passing on a sleeping housepet.

In use: “Tigger always hunted the sunshine through the windows. Having lived in the same house for seven years, the tabby knew where to place himself for maximum floofstice, on most days. Clouds always forced him to the master bed, where he curled up by the pillows.”

Friday’s Theme Music

Today’s song choice, “You Talk Too Much” by Joe Jones, was fluttering along my mindstream this morning when I awoke. It seems like I’ve known it my whole life. Small wonder there. Wikipedia states that it was released in 1960. I was four then, but Mom liked playing it and singing it. I remember her singing it to me whenever I was pestering her for something, apparently her counter-measure to my non-stop demand. It would infuriate me to the point of stamping my feet as I demanded that she stop singing.

That just made her smile as she continued singing.


Flooftator (floofinition) – 1. a housepet with total power over a household, typically obtained by begging, whining, threats, or obstinance; 2. (slang) a housepet that resembles a potato; 3 (slang) a housepet who doesn’t move much, akin to an animal version of  a couch potato.

In use: “The fluffy little dog was a flooftator, but they delighted in indulging his preference to sleep and lounge on the sofa, laughing as he would stretch and wag his tail when they entered the room and said his name.”

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