Inflooftrialised (floofinition) – to introduce housepets on a large scale.

In use: “Younger families moved in. The sounds and actions of playing young children filled the streets. The neighborhood became inflooftrialised with cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, hamsters, and guinea pigs.”

Friday’s Theme Music

More weather dictated theme music. I’m planning to dress, looking out the window, checking the temperature and forecast. Hey, fifty-one, windy as hell, but sunny. So, I’ll be walking in sunshine.

It was an easy jump in the stream to Katrina and the Waves and “Walking On Sunshine” (1985).

The Comma

“I have to eat, Tucker,” he said as he hurried into the house and past the cat. “I’m ravenous.”

Whiskers drooping, Tucker grew still. His eyes widened. He lowered his tail.

The man glanced at his cat. “No, I didn’t say, “I have to eat Tucker.” Well, that’s what I said, but there was a comma in there. I was saying, “I have to eat, comma, Tucker.” There was a comma in there.”

He went to his cat and scratched the feline’s head. “You know about commas, right? Yes, you do. Good kitty.”

Tucker closed his eyes, reassured that he wasn’t going to be eaten. It was just an unheard comma.

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