Floofthora (floofinition) – an abundance of housepets.

In use: “It’d begun with a rescue Pittie and a rescue cat. Then a stray tom was taken in, puppies and kittens were born, a parrot came along. Suddenly a floofthora was ruling their home.”


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      1. Oh, yeah. The dogs usually stay out in the back yard when visiting (although that could become a problem, now that we have a small pride of “thistle cats” hanging out there much of the time), and the other cat, Stoney, has become friends with Doodlecat. The other cats aren’t so sure about him, but they don’t hiss or run away, either; they’re just like, ‘Don’t eat our food, and it’s all good. Hey, you wanna play with one of our mousies? You can’t keep it, but you can chase it across the floor for a while.’ (And it helps that Bio-dad and his menagerie live only three hours from here, so they can go home instead of overstaying their welcome.)

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