Worth Mentioning

Cats Actually Know Each Other’s Names, Study Suggests

“Published last month in the peer-reviewed journal Scientific Reportsthe study examined 48 cats who either lived in households with at least three other cats, or were from “cat cafes” where they cohabitated with lots of other felines. To test their name recognition, the researchers showed each cat a computer monitor displaying a familiar cat’s face, and an audio recording of their owner calling either the displayed cats’ real name, or a name that didn’t match the cat on the screen.”

I’m surprised by the study results NOT AT ALL. It is satisfying to read what I’ve always thought to be true. When one of our cats doesn’t respond to their name, one of our tricks is to call one of the other cats’ names. The one ignoring us inevitably turns around and comes to see what’s going on.

Science — and cats — marches on.

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  1. There are eight (!) cats in this house, and they all know each other’s names. They also know the names of the “porch cats” and don’t react to any human saying the name of a porch cat the way they sometimes do when another housecat is called.

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