Flooftirement (floofinition) 1. Withdrawing from activities, work, or social commitments to spend time with animals.

In use: “After more wearying, depressing news, he went into flooftirement with his cat, dog, and a book, figuring the world could go on without him but he couldn’t go on without them.”

2. An animal’s withdrawl or change of status from a working position or occupation.

In use: “He’d been a working dog, a service dog which gave his person needed emotional support, and when she passed on, he gratefully accepted flooftirement to a quiet home.”

The Cycles of Mail

The cycles of life came in the mail. Credit card invitations when he was young. Cable and Internet deals in his middle age. House and window cleaning services as he aged, followed by landscaping and financial planning, then house-painting and payday loans.

As he reached his mid-fifties, AARP became friendly, as did companies like Prudential, offering planning assistance, worrying if he was saving enough for retirement. Cruise and vacation suggestions came every week. Everyone became concerned about his estate and his will. Hearing-aid flyers were frequently received. Then came funeral and cremation services, with coupons and discounts!

Reaching his mid-sixties brought flyers and letters for Medicare plans. Of course, every two years through it all were pieces from politicians, PACs, and political parties asking for a little money, pleading their cases, railing against one another, and demanding change.

Coming with weekly persistence regardless of the year or his age were advertisements from his local stores, catering to the holidays and time of year.

Fondly he remembered his past mail as he perused the latest offering from an assisted living residence and dropped it into the recycling bin, letting his imagination run wild about what his future mail would bring.

Friday’s Theme Music

Tired this morning. Feels like a Friday.

Yeah, it is a Friday. May’s final Friday for 2022.

It’s a chilly one, rain and clouds moving in, asserting their influences, sending the sun under cover. Sunrise was before I rose, 5:40 AM. Sunset is due at 8:36 this evening. Our temp now is 52 F and we only expect 67 while undergoing showers throughout the day. BYOL: bring your own loofah.

The neurons have Journey singing “Any Way You Want It” from 19 what playing in the morning mental music stream. This is a response to the felines and their food demands and petulance. I was just giving in, like, “If that’s the way you need it,” etc, and the neurons jumped all over it. The video is a kick to watch, with its throwback to a mechanical jukebox sliding vinyl in to be heard. Then there’s the boys in the band, long hair and skinny bods, sneers and smirks, rocking away.

Coffee needed. And brekkie. Stomach is telling the neurons stop with the typing thing and feed me, Seymour. Stay positive and test neggy. Wear masks as needed, when needed, etc. Here’s the music. I’m off to answer other needs. Cheers

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