Floofslide (floofinition) – 1. Procrastination caused by an animal’s presence, conditions, or involvement.

In use: “Cary’s chores suffered a floofslide as the puppy unmade the bed while she made it, then diverted her attention with antics involving the cat, Mystery (who still hadn’t wholly accepted the puppy as a worthwhile housemate), a ball, and a spider.”

2. A deterioration in an animal’s situation or health.

In use: “Despite everything which he did, Marvel’s floofside continued, forcing Ray to consider the inevitable, that Marvel was not going to get better.”

3. A maneuver in which an animal slides over a surface, such as a hardwood or tile floor.

In use: “The two cats chased one another, claws scrabbling on the floor as they executed long floofslides, changed directions, and bolted down the hall.”

Friday’s Theme Music

Ah, the air has a fresh smell today. Sunshine glints through cloud breaks enough to lift the flowers and spirits.

Today is Friday, May 13, 2022. I won’t bore you with the headlines. War and politics continue, murders abound, economic worries are riff, and then there’s sports and entertainment. Sunrise began officially at 5:52 this morning. We’re at 52 F and expect a high of 63 before sunset rolls up at 8:23 tonight.

As part of the morning rituals, I fed the cats. I’ve tried skipping this part, but they have ways, called claws and meows, to remind me. Opening a new box of kibble for their pleasure, I told them, “This is a brand-new box.”

Strains of Steve Wonder playing harmonica began. Soon the neurons had Sting singing “Brand New Day” in the morning mental music stream. The 1999 song is a good antidote for depression, hopelessness, weariness, and frustration. It goes well with coffee and threatening rain clouds.

Stay positive, keep bringing home those negative tests, pay attention and take care. Here’s the music. Cheers

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