Flooflatility (floofinition) – Characteristic or quality in an animal of unpredictable changes.

In use: “Flooflatility in kittens and puppies is one of their endearing treats as they go from exploring to reacting in panic to chasing and attacking to eating or sleeping in within the space of minutes.”

Thursday’s Theme Music

Welcome to Cinco de Mayo, 2022. The day doesn’t get much traction around here, not like it did in the SF Bay area when we lived there, and certainly not as much as we saw in Texas when we lived there.

It’s Thursday. Yesterday’s 80-degree F air and cloudless blue sky had me singing with Nat King Cole, “Roll out those hazy, lazy, crazy days of summer.” It was as perfect as hoped for sitting outside with seven friends and quaffing beer. Today’s high will be twenty degrees less. Rain has been falling since sunup at 6:01 this morning and is expecting to continue to Sol’s end of shift at 8:14 this evening. Right now, it’s 53 F outside.

Today’s song is “How You Remind Me”. The Nickelback song entered the morning mental music stream’s rotation last night. My wife and were talking about a phone call that took place earlier that day. She said, “Remind me.” With little thought, the neurons started playing the 2001 song’s line, “This is how you remind me of the man that I am.” Other than, ‘remind me’, the song and situation had nada to do with one another. But, that’s how the neurons roll.

Stay positive, test negative, and have a worthwhile day. Carpe diem while I carpe coffee. Here’s the melody. Cheers

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