Wednesday’s Theme Music

The clouds have taken a wide stance today. Their defenses are stretched thin. Blue sky and sunshine pour through the gaps.

Today is Wednesday, May 25, 2022. We’re into the last week of 2022’s fifth month. Time has slowed for me, which I appreciate.

It’s 60 F out right now, but our local weather dude said we’re probably going to experience the year’s warmest day to date, with our smell segment hitting the low eighties while other parts of the region see the upper eighties. Sunrise was celebrated at 5:41 AM. Closure at the other end of the daylight portion of our day will be at 8:35 PM.

I’m beset by a song I sang to my cat last night. Called “Motorcycle Mama”, I leaned its words and melody by heart without making a conscious effort, also learning to play it by ear on the trombone. Why was I singing it to my cat? That’s a good question. A very good question. I don’t have a good answer. I lack any answer for it. My neurons said, “Don’t look at us. We’re as mystified as you.”

I had to look up the year and artist. I figure it must have been 1970 to 1971 but was clueless about the group or individual behind it, which turned out to be Sailcat, and 1972. My childhood friends didn’t know why I liked this song so much. I appreciated its mellow approach and gentle humor. Decades later, I’d be with two friends having a beer when the three of us broke out in spontaneous harmony and sang it completely. That was memorable fun.

Here’s the music. Stay positive, test negative, etc. Don’t let complacency or weariness take over. I’m off for the coffee. Cheers

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