Floofkrieg (floofinition) A fast and sudden animal attack.

In use: “Many people with young animals such as kittens and puppies are subjected to floofkriegs on their persons as the young floofs practice stalking and hunting to develop their bodies and improve their coordination.”

Worth Mentioning

Cats Actually Know Each Other’s Names, Study Suggests

“Published last month in the peer-reviewed journal Scientific Reportsthe study examined 48 cats who either lived in households with at least three other cats, or were from “cat cafes” where they cohabitated with lots of other felines. To test their name recognition, the researchers showed each cat a computer monitor displaying a familiar cat’s face, and an audio recording of their owner calling either the displayed cats’ real name, or a name that didn’t match the cat on the screen.”

I’m surprised by the study results NOT AT ALL. It is satisfying to read what I’ve always thought to be true. When one of our cats doesn’t respond to their name, one of our tricks is to call one of the other cats’ names. The one ignoring us inevitably turns around and comes to see what’s going on.

Science — and cats — marches on.

A Pie Dream

I was younger than my present age, a spitting image of someone who I once was, and I had an unlimited number of pies. I was outside. People, beginning with my wife, came up to me. I would ask, “Do you want a pie?” They’d always reply, “What kind of pie,” and I would answer with a jovial sense, “I can give you any kind of pie that you want. Berry, apple, peach, cherry…I have them all.”

Now for the weird part.

Whenever they agreed to take a pie, I would pull it out to give to them and then say, “Wait. You’re missing something.” This always confused them. I would then go to where two white tubes hung down from the sky and say, “Here, I’ll put it in your pie.” They’d ask, “What are you putting in my pie?” I’d reply, “I’m adding what you need.”

Someone asked, “Where do the white tubes come from?” I looked up in confusion. They seemed to come from the sky. Then, though, looking around, I discovered the tubes were attached to a black wheel. The wheel hung in the sky and was really just a flat black disc hanging vertically in the sky about five feet off the ground. Further, I had several sets of them. The wheels alternated between having two white sets of tubes and two black sets of tubes. I went to different wheels to put things in the pies to give people.

My sisters came along and asked what I was doing. After explaining, I said, “I’m glad you’re here. You can help because demand is growing.” Then, looking across the rolling green hills, I saw throngs of people coming from every direction. That really pleased me. I wanted everyone to have one of my pies.

My sister asked, “How do you know what to put in them?” I said, “You can just look at them and see.”

She replied, “I can’t do it. I don’t see anything.”

I answered, “Yes, you can. You can learn. Keep trying. It’ll come.”

Dream end.

Thursday’s Theme Music

As the world turns, we clock the date and time, making it out to be May 19, 2022, Thursday. Hah. Cold spring weather has returned on us. 50 F, with a wind barking out of the mountain snow. Will only achieve 60 today. Although there’s sunshine out there, and the sun rise was at 5:46 this morning, thick towering clouds loom over the valley. They look like they plan to stay here until past sunset at 8:29 PM.

Fred provoked the neurons into playing today’s theme music. Fred is a NIP character. I’d just finished writing a section from his POV yesterday, and was walking, preparing to move on from the writing day. He still resided in me as I walked. Picking up on that, the neurons fed “Silent footsteps crowding me, sudden darkness, but I can see.” That’s Fred. The song, “No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature” by the Guess Who (1970) took over the morning mental music stream. It’s okay, though, because Fred is still on today’s writing menu.

Stay positive and test negative. Don’t get complacent. Telling myself as much as you. Here’s the music. No sugar in my coffee, thanks. Cheers

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