Sunday’s Theme Music

Ah, May 1, 2022, has arrived. As Bob Seger sang, “Turn the page.”

Today is Sunday, and it’s living up to billing. Sunshine blazes o’er the valley, warming the air. Still 42 F out but we expect 71 today. The sun’s first official appearance here today came at 6:07 AM. The sun show ends at 8:10 PM.

Memorial services for my friend are today. It’s an outside block party. Guests are bringing finger foods. My wife made almond tarts for the event. I’m not looking forward to it. Besides noting what it’s all about, I’m a poorly constructed social critter, don’t do well with strangers on an extended basis, and I’m not really proficient with small talk with friends and family, either. These things — parties, celebrations, services — are always discomfiting for me. Yes, I know, as I’ve known my entire life, to suck it up and do it, it’s not about me, etc. Yes, I’ve heard the expressions and understand the sentiments. None of that changes my nature. Of course, it’s seen as a failing by several that I dislike these things and don’t do well at them. To which I respond with dignity and style, “Whatever.” Yes, original.

The neuron’s music machine has Paul Simon singing “The Boy in the Bubble” from 1987 in the morning mental music stream rotation. Word association triggered the song. Someone said something about a miracle while talking about the Jan 6 Insurrection, and my neurons thought, “These are the days of miracle and wonder,” and off they went. I found this video of Simon and company to be entertaining and share it for your pleasure.

Stay positive and test negative. Be smart. Coffee time, right? Cheers

The Conversation Dream

I dreamed I was with a few men speaking with a male teenager. We were all sitting around a table. The young man was talking about a book. He said it was called Halo. He was talking about how it’d come out in 1972, and then commenting, “How can anyone remember anything from then?”

I said, “I read the book when it came out.”

He asked, “How much of it do you remember?”

“Not much. I was about sixteen and in high school. I was reading many books then, and doing sports, and taking classes.”

“That’s my point,” the teenager said. “You can’t remember things from then.”

I answered, “I remember reading Catching in the Rye a few years before that, and Catch 22, and The Hobbit, and Lord of the Rings, Fahrenheit 451, and Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series. I don’t remember Halo.”

The kid said, “I’ve never heard of those books, but I did see Foundation on TV. It was okay.”

Dream end.

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