Floofcaster (floofinition) 1. A person who predicts what an animal will do.

In use: “From years of observation, Jeff had become an adept floofcaster regarding the backyard interactions between the neighbor’s cat, the squirrel, the jays, crows, and his dog, Pixie.”

2. An animal who makes predictions.

In use: “Whether by hearing or some psychic abilities, Merlin the Cat always not just knew someone was coming, but the floofcaster showed by behavior who was coming, bolting to hide if it was a stranger (or Meg, who he couldn’t stand for reasons he never gave), and rushing to the door to greet friends, family, and those deemed worthy of is affection.”

Saturday’s Theme Music

It was bright and sunny for a period. I think it was from sunrise at 5:51 this morning until 8:45 AM, about twenty minutes ago. Negligent gray clouds have bullied in, shutting out the sunshine.

Hi. Today is Saturday, May 14, 2022. Hope you survived Friday the 13th okay. I had no issues. Pleasant weather rules today. A mild rain threat hangs in the air but the temperature is 53 F and we’ll probably see 70 before the sun shuffles around the corner and out of sight at 8:24 this evening.

I was people-watching this week as I waited for others to complete their tasks and purchases. While I tagged some as a potential serial killer (you know how it is when you’re bored), I saw loneliness in a few people’s face as they walked along on their business. I wondered if I was projecting something from myself. I can and do deny that, because I don’t feel lonely, but the neurons popped the 1982 song by the Motels, “Only the Lonely (Can Play)”, into the mental music stream, where it still plays this morning. The song reminds me of their other big hit, “Suddenly Last Summer” from 1983. Both songs give me pause to think when I hear them. A sort of mournfulness pervades the tunes.

Well, on to the coffee. Stay positive and test negative, stay aware, and avoid complacency. Here’s the music. Cheers

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