Thursday’s Theme Music

Upon looking out the window this morning, the neurons began singing, “And the sky is a hazy shade of winter.”

Welcome to May 12, 2022. Today is Thursday. Some folks are bracing for tomorrow: Friday the thirteenth. I’m not one of them. It’ll be another day of routines for moi.

Speaking of routines, Sol rose at 5:53 this morning and will set at 8:22 this evening. Rain is forecast for the valley. We’ve squirmed up to the upper forties on the thermometer with aspirations for reaching the upper fifties. The cats continue expressing displeasure to me, demanding to know what I’ve done with the sun. Treats, petting, and food do not mollify them. “Give me sunshine!” they cry with Mel Gibson drama from Braveheart. The young ‘un, Papi, is especially dramatic in his performance.

In interesting news — to me, at least — one of our beer drinker friends reported on finding and naming a previously unknown onion variation, Allium Incomptum. The daughter of another beer drinking friend provided the drawing for the Bio One submission. Fun stuff.

For music, the neurons went through several old Paul Simon offerings but then kicked in with another tune after a convo with a cat. Papi was being disdainful of several things — just one of those moods at that point — so I said to him, “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.” Well, the neurons jumped right in with the chorus out of “Notion” by Kings of Leon from 2009: “So don’t knock it, don’t knock it, you’ve been here before.” After a bit, Papi gave in and ate, then galloped around and played, and was feted with catnip.

Stay positive, test negative, etc., etc. Coffee has been found again; lo, I am saved. Cheers

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