Freeday’s Theme Music

Today is Freeday, August 5, 2022. Today you have the right to declare yourself symbolically free. Sounds like a waste but when you do so, using whatever styles desired short of hurting and killing other beings, it’s invigorating, liberating, stimulating, and intoxicating.

Weather is a very comfortable hazy and cool 72 F after an overnight low of 14 C. Highs of 94 F are expected. Freeday opened with a smooth and deliberate sunrise at 6:08 AM. Daylight hours will continue until the sun ‘drop’ at 8:25 this evening. All times are Pacific.

AQI is good. More fires have started, some have been partially contained, others have been extinguished.

Watched my cat, the ginger prince, study a large raccoon using the top of the back fence as a freeway about six thirty this morning. Meanwhile, as that went on, I tracked a skunk going around the yard. The skunk stayed to the perimeter, going through the leaves and making a lot of noise about it. Papi paid no mind to it. Once the Raccoon departed, Papi hopped up onto his patio condo – guess that’d be a pando – and went to sleep. What did fascinate me about the skunk was that a jay flew from tree to tree, spying on the skunk, never making a sound.

The Neurons had several Beach Boys and Beatles song skirmishing in the morning mental music stream. I called up Kings of Leon with “Sex on Fire” from 2008. The Neurons asked, “Why that song?” Tables turned, I replied, “Why not,” and laughed. It’s because I like the sonic influences, though, innit?

The coffee has commenced issuing its wake-up fragrance. I’m in the mood to have a cup. Stay positive test negative, etc. Here’s the music. Cheers

Thursday’s Theme Music

Upon looking out the window this morning, the neurons began singing, “And the sky is a hazy shade of winter.”

Welcome to May 12, 2022. Today is Thursday. Some folks are bracing for tomorrow: Friday the thirteenth. I’m not one of them. It’ll be another day of routines for moi.

Speaking of routines, Sol rose at 5:53 this morning and will set at 8:22 this evening. Rain is forecast for the valley. We’ve squirmed up to the upper forties on the thermometer with aspirations for reaching the upper fifties. The cats continue expressing displeasure to me, demanding to know what I’ve done with the sun. Treats, petting, and food do not mollify them. “Give me sunshine!” they cry with Mel Gibson drama from Braveheart. The young ‘un, Papi, is especially dramatic in his performance.

In interesting news — to me, at least — one of our beer drinker friends reported on finding and naming a previously unknown onion variation, Allium Incomptum. The daughter of another beer drinking friend provided the drawing for the Bio One submission. Fun stuff.

For music, the neurons went through several old Paul Simon offerings but then kicked in with another tune after a convo with a cat. Papi was being disdainful of several things — just one of those moods at that point — so I said to him, “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.” Well, the neurons jumped right in with the chorus out of “Notion” by Kings of Leon from 2009: “So don’t knock it, don’t knock it, you’ve been here before.” After a bit, Papi gave in and ate, then galloped around and played, and was feted with catnip.

Stay positive, test negative, etc., etc. Coffee has been found again; lo, I am saved. Cheers

Friday’s Theme Music

You ever think, “Boy, I could use somebody to…” do X? Complete the sentence. Fill in the blank.

I haven’t thought those words in a long time. When I managed people, I often thought that. Juggling resources and priorities was a constant. Not too infrequently, it ended with, “Boy, I could use somebody.”

This came to mind yesterday, after Veteran’s Day in the U.S. As a veteran, I have many veteran friends. Photos of them back in the day rolled into Facebook.

So I was remembering when with some of them. One in particular was an intelligent but withdrawn guy when he worked for me. He seemed like he lacked self-confidence, that he could be a lot more than what he was showing. Another section came to me and said those words, “I could use somebody…”

This guy was the choice. The officer with the need was dubious, but my guy blossomed. From that, you could see the change in him manifest. It was something to behold. Leaving the military after eight years, he went into tech, where his talents and intelligence were applied and rewarded.

The phrase itself, “I could use somebody”, cropped up when I was shopping for cat food during my day out. A woman said that to a store employee. That then triggered a foray into mental writing as I went about my business, creating a scene that I wrote after I returned home, centered on the phrase, “I could use somebody.”

Lot of disparate thinking to reach today’s theme music. But each time the phrase, “use somebody” passed through the mental stream, my strangely wired neurons said, “Playing ‘Use Somebody’ by Kings of Leon, 2008.” So, really, this is about getting a song out of my head. I enjoy Caleb’s enunciation of the phrase in the song. It’s a good song to sing when it hits the radio and you’re alone in the car. Just sayin’.

Have a good one. Wear a mask. Cheers

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