Tuesday’s Theme Music

At the risk of repeating myself, welcome to Tuesday. This is December 14, 2021. The month is almost half over. We’re about to plunge into another season – winter, north of the equator and summer below that line – and into a new year.

A few white and gray clouds have been dropped into the blue-sky broth this AM. Sunshine lights their contours with yellow and gold influences. The temperature is 32 F but we expect it to reach 35. Sunrise came at 7:32 AM and night will take over after the sun sets at 4:39 PM.

“Kodachrome” by Paul Simon from 1973 is skating through the morning mental music stream. This came about because a friend suggested that whenever she hears Omicron, the thinks of “Kodachrome”. Probably only afflicts a certain population swath. The other parts are asking, “What’s Kodachrome?” or, “Who is Paul Simon?” Others will say, “Oh, I remember that movie,” to which some will say, “What movie?” I am repeating myself with “Kodachrome” – earlier in 2021, in fact – but the song holds a nostalgic niche for me. So, take it away.

And bring me some coffee. Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vaccines and boosters when you can. Cheers

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