Thursday Thoughts

  1. My cousin, Glenn Seidel, passed away, ending his cancer fight. A genuine nice, caring person, his death is one that makes you question life’s mechanics. I wish he’d never suffered cancer; he’d watched his mother and younger sister fall to cancer. It’s good that he’s no longer suffering, though. Watching the suffering, unable to do more than mouth platitudes, is the struggle for me when a friend, relative, or pet is suffering and dying. No, it’s not about me; the survivors always mourn. It’s about what he — what they all — went through before reaching the point of death. Here’s to Glenn.
  2. Weather is on my mind. We’re contemplating a move east. Why? Summer weather here in southern Oregon has become a litany of summer suffering: wildfires, or smoke from wildfires suspend or kill activities and travel. Drought requires water restrictions, which is enforced via capitalism: if you have the money, you can buy the water. Depressing, right? But our winter is comfortable, remarkably snow free and freezing free. Moving east to Ohio or PA would mean plunging into that stuff.
  3. Watching Texas suffer from lack of planning for cold weather brings deep sighs of frustration. Save some pennies, increase profits, but when the shit hits, you’re wickedly unprepared. It’s sadly now the GOP way. Yet that ‘save some pennies, increase profits’ mantra holds fast against critical thinking. It’s always the poorest classes who suffer most, of course.
  4. Since I’m on politics, will the righteous right-wing notice that President Biden, a Democrat, immediately reached out to help states, whether they’re ‘red’ or ‘blue’? Doubtful that they’ll notice; doubtful that they’ll remember. Yes, experiencing a strong cynical streak today.
  5. We worry about the animals along with people, you know? We hope the animals are warm and safe, too. The logical response is, this is life; suffering is inculcated as part of the formula. Death is a natural ending. Still, I hope for the best. Guess I’m an unrepentant optimist.
  6. Writing (knock on wood) continues going well, which continues to scare me. There’s a burst of jubilation as a major chapter is completed. After a pause of reflection, anxiety strikes as I face the ever-present, ever-daunting question, what next? That question always pulls me back into the puzzle that’s called writing a novel.
  7. I’m watching more foreign television shows that are in their native languages. I run in place and watch television to wind down at the day’s conclusion. Usually do two to three miles between 10:30 PM and midnight. Bad dubbing draws cringes and winces, which are disruptions to the entertainment. Don’t need it. Instead, I watch television in German, Icelandic, Norwegian, French, etc., eyes glued to the captions. We like how characters appear in television from other countries. Characters in the U.S. TV land are typically pretty people with pleasant lives and mild challenges to their principles and decisions. Typically, matters are quickly resolved, with little complications. There are exceptions. The characters in stories in other nations are less pretty, less glamorous, and more natural. Yes, they’re more like me. Fortunately, watching foreign television seems to be a growing streaming trend. A great selection is available.
  8. One exception in U.S. television that I continue to admire is “The Wire”. Watching it for the second time, finishing season four, the levels of excellence in production values, acting, character development, plots, and story arcs all still impress me. It’s been several years since I first watched it, yet so many of the people and story-lines remain memorable. It’s a gritty show, but you end up rooting and crying for so many.
  9. Finished reading/read six books last week. I’m mastering the jogging-in-place-while-reading process. Five of the books were fiction, the other was non-fiction. Reading does enhance/intensify my writing process. Hungry for more books now. One is on hold at the library, so I need to head that way, but also research more to add to my list. I’m reading mostly crime and speculative fiction while I’m writing my science fiction/speculative fiction novel.
  10. With running in place augmenting my walking and other exercise, my 28-day average remains over 12, coming in at 12.41 for this cycle, with a best day of 14 on February 7.
  11. It’s raining outside. My cats are in and asleep. One sleeps on my feet as I type, keeping me warm with his weight. Another is in the foyer, curled up on the bench, a paw over his eyes. The third is stretched out on the guest bed like a ginger throw. Their presence and the knowledge that they’re safe and comfortable reassures me against awareness of the world’s pain.
  12. Now, time to go eat lunch. Then it’s back to writing like crazy, at least one more time. Stay safe, please. Cheers

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  1. I’m sorry about your cousin, really I am. What does one say in times when someone else loses a friend or family member to cancer? All I can say is I’m sorry for your loss.

    Texas is being a bitch, and by bitch I mean the states political machine thinking that we will one day be a country of our own, not going to happen. El Paso has always been and will always be the red headed stepchild city in the state. Why? Because we’re too far west to be considered “in” Texas. We’re the city Texas doesn’t claim, the city Mexico doesn’t want, and the city New Mexico only uses when it’s convenient to do so. BUT right now with everything going on in the”rest” of Texas, we have power (because we belong to a power grid waaayyy out west in the state) and because our local power company upgraded equipment back in 2011. We have water and we aren’t suffering like the rest of the state. I feel bad for those that have to go through this go through horrible storm that have to wait for until it’s to be restored. Then we have idiots like Ted Cruz going to Cancun to escape the misery instead of trying to help his constituents, the moron. So, to the rest of the politicos in Texas that always dismiss El Paso because of our location, is say, in the words of Toby Keith, “How Do You Like Me Now?” Because you know, we have utilities….no it’s not right but, meh so what.


  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your cousin, Glenn, and sad for you and others who knew and loved him. As re moving east … I’d advise against it! First, it’s c-c-cold here with close to a foot of snow on the ground, then in a few months it will be so hot ‘n humid you won’t be able to breathe. But more importantly, Ohio has turned into a paradise for right wing republicans, and parts of Pennsylvania are no better. Given a choice, I’d take Oregon any day, but I do understand how devastating the wildfires have been. Now, get back to work writing! Hugs!


  3. My sincere condolences to you and your family for the loss of your cousin Glenn.

    I enjoyed all of your thoughts, and I think you are definitely putting this pedometer geek reader to shame…between your time on the treadmill to reading. Keep it up.

    Stay safe, stay healthy, and keep writing, Michael.

    PS. Ohio is not a bad state for snow. Yes, we have snow right now, but much of life here is pretty decent.

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