Sunday’s Theme Music

Sunday is living up to its name. The sky is asking, “What’s a cloud?” None are on the roster. Sunshine rules. Our overnight low of 68 F was the day’s high a little more than a week ago. It’s now 75 F. After seeing a C note yesterday, expectations are that we’ll be at 102 F today.

It’s June 26, 2022. Get your June tasks done, for only five June days remain. Hump day, the middle of the year, is almost over.

The sun came over the horizon at 5:46 this morning and will go metaphorically underground at 8:51 PM.

The Neurons are singing “Hold the Line” by Toto from 1978. The Neurons were again foolin’ with me. I was writing in my head after the formal session finished, and like a line which emerged. So I told myself, “Hold onto that line while I get paper and pen and write it down.” Yeah, The Neurons answered, “Playing ‘Hold the Line’.” I was like, what, no, but it was too late. The strains were already live in the stream.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as need be, etc. I hear a coffee maker singing the morning song. Hot coffee on a day like this? You betcha! Here’s the tune. Cheers

Thursday’s Theme Music

Doors ajar, windows open, cool morning air flows through the house. It’s 64 F out but will strike the upper nineties today. We’re bracing for the weekend when triple digit are expected for the first time this year for us.

Meanwhile, we’ll enjoy this day, because it’s here, and we are, too. It’s Thursday, June 23, 2022. Sunrise came as expected, just after dark thirty this AM. Sunshine will rule until sunset, just before 9 PM this evening.

I have “Barracuda” by Heart from 1977 in the morning mental music stream. I remember that one friend at the time of the song’s release hated this song, just hated it, always complaining because everyone thought Heart was Nancy and Ann, and that enraged him. I realized that he didn’t hate the song, but the group. Around then, I noticed him veering sharply toward racism and sexism and curtailed associating with him.

The neurons brought “Barracuda” forward because of a quote I’d one read from one of the Wilson sisters about “Barracuda” being based on another group’s song. She said, paraphrasing, you steal or borrow what you love and make it your own. I’ve observed it countless times in rock music and novels. I’m doing it my novel, because that’s how it works. I don’t call it stealing or borrowing: I call it inspiration.

Stay positive and test negative. Papi just came in and reminded me that it’s time for coffee. He’s right. Such a smart cat. Cheers

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