Friday’s Fumblings

  1. The more that I’m writing, the worst that I sleep. I dream more when I’m writing more, too. Yesterday produced a great writing session, a miserable night of sleep, and a flotilla of dreams.
  2. I think that I sleep worst when I’m writing more because more of my brain is engaged in the writing process. The writing is consuming more bandwidth; shutting it down at day’s end is problematic. I keep writing while I’m doing other things, including trying to sleep.
  3. The good news with the novel in progress is that the characters escaped Arsehold at last! How surprised me, but was totally in tone with the rest of the book. This is, of course, when writing is most fun and rewarding.
  4. I always worry about saying too much about writing these days. I don’t want to jinx it when it’s going well, you know? Don’t want to scare off or anger the muses. I never elaborate to others about what I’m writing any more. It’s a novel; it’s meant to be read. I don’t want to explain it; I want people to read it. Sometimes it’s hard to stay true to this as excitement about the story, characters, and concept bubble up and make me happy. I guess I’m an eternal optimist that these stories and novels will come to be in people’s hands someday. Really, though, I write for me and have a good time doing it.
  5. I’m subscribed to HBOMax and enjoying several shows. Nevertheless, I have a complaint about the service. Every time I select it, the first thing that comes up is, “Who is watching?” My name is right there on top. It’s the only name. Below it are options to add other profiles or to add a kid. Seriously? Why must I answer this every friggin’ time? Just accept, I am the one watching, and get on with it. If I want to add someone else, I can go into options or the account, you know. It shouldn’t, I suppose, but it irks me to no end.
  6. COVID-19 vaccinations are increasing among friends and family. I know ten people who have been vaccinated. Three different states – Oregon, Texas, and Pennsylvania – are involved. All who were vaccinated except one were seventy plus years old. The one exception is in her forties and is in the healthcare industry, although she’s in research. Both vaccines have been employed among this small sampling. None have reported significant adverse reactions beyond a desire to nap and mild fevers. Let me know how your vaccination goes, please.
  7. My wife and I are a year apart in age, which adds another spin to our vaxsit. I’m sixty-four and a half. I turn sixty-five in July. I’ll be eligible. But do we want to do it if we can’t do it at the same time? Part of our formula about whether and when is that I have hypertension and she has RA. I suspect that we’ll be included as part of a group that’s fifty years and older later this year, making our one year difference moot.
  8. I mentioned oatmeal in another post, and the huntress commented on oatmeal. Her mother made it very thin. Soupy thin. I think of that as gruel. Yeah, I know it’s not the same. While that’s how my wife eats it, I’m not a fan of it. I make my oat meal so thick, it’s almost a soft cookie.
  9. I grew up putting brown sugar in my oatmeal. Well, it started as white sugar but once I had it with brown sugar, the game was done. I then learned to add raisins and nuts. Now I put all manner of things in my oatmeal. I currently add cranberries and walnuts in my oatmeal, and granola as a topping. I like the contrasting crunchiness and flavor.
  10. When I was first served oatmeal at my wife’s house while in my teens, they surprised me by adding butter and bacon on top. I’d never heard of such a thing! That surprised them, because that’s how they always ate it. Adding bacon and butter to my oatmeal wasn’t something that I adopted. My wife doesn’t add it to her oatmeal, either.
  11. The world seems weirdly calmer with Joe Biden in office as President. Is this my imagination? Am I just reading less news? That doesn’t seem to be the case. Have news outlets shifted how they’ve reported? Perhaps. Or is it that there’s less bad news, or it’s being less reported, or not catching my eye… Maybe we’re just in an intermission in the bad news cycle.
  12. Or maybe it’s some sense of numbing of normalization to bad news. Locally — specifically, in Jackson County, Oregon — COVID-19 positive cases have been declining. We haven’t had triple digits in several days. We’re trending down, but we trended down in November. Then we had a Christmas spike. Meanwhile, people aged 20-29 are the most positive cases here, but those aged fifty and older dominate the hospital beds, inline with what’s been seen elsewhere, and what’s generally expected.
  13. Okay, got my coffee, actually my second cup. No mid-morning treat to go with it. No cookies, pastries, or doughnuts. Nevertheless, time to write like crazy, at least one more time.

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  1. A few responses:
    #1 — I find the same, but of course all my writing is political in nature, so it’s no surprise it either gives me nightmares or keeps me awake.
    #5 — Netflix does the same and it is highly annoying!
    #8 — I start out with my oatmeal slightly thinner than most, but once I add a huge dollop of peanut butter, it’s just the perfect consistency! Oatmeal was made for peanut butter, nature’s most perfect food!
    #10 – Bacon and butter on oatmeal? 🤢 Bacon and butter belong on baked potatoes, not oatmeal.
    #11 – The motto in the news industry is “If it bleeds, it leads”. We aren’t bleeding anymore, so the news is softer, nicer. Editors and publishers are likely gnashing their teeth, hoping for some major breaking story, but I’m enjoying the peace.

    I wanted to comment on your other post, but there was no comment box, so let me just say, I’m glad you’re okay … take care, my friend.

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    1. #5 – Netflix quit doing that to me! They had been doing it. Interesting.
      #8 – I’m amazed that I’ve never added PB. Will do it tomorrow. Thanks!
      #10 – agreed. It’s an interesting taste, not bad, but it’s so unhealthy.
      #11 – yep, good point.

      Take care, too. Hugs

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      1. As I put the peanut butter into my oat meal, I realized that if I added chocolate and spooned it out onto wax paper, I’d have peanut butter oatmeal no-bake cookies! It was delicious, though. Of course, PB is my comfort-food go-to, so it had thought going for it. What a breakfast treat.

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  2. Love that your oatmeal is so thick it’s almost a cookie, lol. I got the first COVID vaccine two and a half weeks ago. Because I work at a medical school and my boss and I are in and out of the clinics we were made to get it. It hurt like a mofo, then I had a huge red bump on my arm for a week. Then I got the “itchies” at the injection site, but only at night, go figure? But other than that I don’t get any other side effects like my coworker, Impostor. She felt like having COVID all over again. It was the MODERNA vaccine, but I’m okay with what little effects I got from it.
    HBOMax does the same to me, but my son put a multi colored sprinkle donut as my avatar. He thought it was funny, I changed the avatar for his Netflix profile to Homer Simpson. He changed my HBO picture to a flower…I think he got the point, lol 😝. Take care and stay safe 😷.


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