Saturday’s Theme Music

‘ello, Saturnauts. We have reached the weekend, Saturday, Jan 15, 2022. In true Heisenberg style, the week’s end is also the week’s beginning. Talk about your uncertainty principle.

The Earth’s spinning brought the sun back into our valley at 7:37 AM, where it will give us warmth and light until the Earth’s spin takes it out of our sky at 5:04 PM. Out on the coast, tsunami warnings have folks scrambling back. Winter storms are sowing chaos in the eastern U.S. Southern states are bracing for snow as they haven’t in years. Then the storm will end north again, I’m told, where the people will grit their teeth, plow their streets, and put on a heavier coat.

Out here, we’re enjoying 41 F degrees right now with nuthin’ but blue skies greeting my eyes. Expected high will be 53 F. Not gloating, just enjoying it. Went walking yesterday afternoon and hope to do so again today.

Oasis has “Morning Glory” going in the morning mental music stream. The royal clowders call for food called out the 1995 song. I said to them, I said, “I need a little time to wake up.” And there it was, from “Morning Glory”:

Need a little time to wake up
Need a little time to wake up wake up
Need a little time to wake up
Need a little time to rest your mind

h/t to

Test negative, stay positive, get the jabs when you can, and wear a mask as needed. Speaking of needs, I feel a need for coffeeeeeeeee. Here’s the music. There I go. Cheers

Friday’s Theme Music

Happy day of Christmas Eve. It’s a sunny-cloudy-foggy-snowy-misty Friday this December 23, 2021. Lovely to gaze up at the snowed-in mountains and the white-topped evergreens. Snow levels are still a few thousand feet above us. Weather services said that’s gonna change, with snow levels dropping sufficiently for us to get one to three inches in the next twenty-four hours.

Temperature is 34 F. Sunrise kicked in at 7:38 AM and the sun will vacate our immediate airspace at 4:43 PM. A high of 42 is hoped for and a low of 30 is in the charts.

I was out driving in the weather yesterday. Went to dinner at some friends’ home — they provided salad and chili, perfect for the weather, and we provided an apple tart and cornbread, though I confess, I didn’t prepare anything (my wife made the cornbread), and the tart came from TJ’s. Cold and rainy outside, with dusk imminent, I began enjoying the 1979 Gary Numan song, “Cars”, in my mental music stream. It remained in the morning stream so I put it up as the day’s theme music. The song has that 80s robotic-techno vibe (yes, I know it came out in 1979, but music eras aren’t clearly defined by calendars).

I wish happy holidays for you, no matter what you observe (okay, I do draw the line at human and animal sacrifices, and don’t tell me about what anyone used to do), with good health, happiness, and joy. It’s hard to reach the trifecta but please keep trying. Stay positive, test negative, wear a durn mask as needed, and get the jabs when you can. Here’s the music. I’m gonna go rustle up some coffee. Get along, little kitties, get along, get along.


Cat Update

I have three cats. One, Boo, our bedroom pantera, has cancer. This affects his mouth, obstructing his throat, causing him to drool, and naturally affecting his ability to eat. Started two weeks ago. It gets better, it gets worse.

He’s always been a cat that freaks out. Loud sounds — say a sneeze — launches a charge for the door. The vacuum cleaner being moved sends him skittering to get out of the house. Turning the vacuum on causes huge meowing fits by the door until he’s freed from the terror. Someone knocking on the door or ringing the doorbell is an incentive for a mad dash to the back door. If he can’t get out, he hides in the closet.

He barely permits us to scratch and pet his head and the back of his neck. Getting medicines into him is a ridiculous battle. We don’t know his back story of how he came to be like this. He came to us six years ago, another refugee who no one would claim. We gave him shelter and love to the best of our abilities.

He loves going outside in the morning. I permit him out, weather permitting. Although it’s in the forties today and sunny, wind gusts turned Boo back from going out. He couldn’t eat and was in pain, so he’s crying and drooling. My wife is doing her Zoom exercise class, so a voice is stridently shouting, “Heel toe! Grapevine! Four more!” This is set to blaring music. Today it’s old country and western. Of course, my wife is exercising, thumping across the floor in her shoes, which, yes, is a new stress-fear-anxiety source for Boo.

So, I’m trying to feed and comfort Boo. Also trying to feed the other cats. But they’re distracted by what’s going on with Boo, so they follow me around, trying to supervise and give advice.

Hell of a morning. All before coffee.

Tuesday’s Theme Music

Sunshine glittered off the trees and cracked through the windows at 7:19 AM on this November 30, 2021 morning. Two hours later, fog stole the light and cast shadows across hopes for a bright, sunny day. The temperature was 51 F; now it’s 45. The expected high is 62 so we’re expecting change to come.

Hello, fellow Earthfarers. Today is Tuesday, the final day of the eleventh month of the year. 2021 is drawing down. Yet, it will all go on with a new set of numbers and labels. Same day, different year.

I have Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song” from 1980 occupying the morning mental music stream. This is directly dream related. As I noodled through recalling my dreams, one about change stood out. From that, I came to think of this song. I remember hearing it for the first while I was at home listening to an offbeat FM rock station in San Antonio, TX. That station played many tunes that didn’t find regular airplay on other stations. The song resonated with me, although I, a white male in America, have always had it pretty good. I looked up the lyrics later.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get some jabs. Here’s the song, a reflective tune for a fog-swathed morning. Wait…is that sunshine?

Not holding my breath. Just sipping my coffee. Cheers

Saturday’s Theme Music

This is it. 2021 is about to enter the home stretch and gallop into history. It’s been a rush of hours. Despite being limited in where we can go, I’ve stayed busy with writing, housework, tending cats, reading, and some limited socializing. My wife, who is more social, laments that we’re just marking time. I don’t feel the same. I’m writing, after holding off on pursuing a writing career, or even much writing effort, while working in the military and business. Wasn’t supposed to be like this; when I retired from the military, I was going somewhere to write. But no; she was pursuing her career and pleaded with me to stay in the SF bay area for that purpose. Five years later, her career was done. One company bought another and she was let go. She never worked again. Meanwhile, I worked another twenty years after putting my twenty in the military. So, not sorry. This is now my time. It may be too late as I dance through my sixties — hell, I can pull my social security now, if I wish. But I’m going on, writing and trying until health or death stops me.

Okay, that screed is out of the way. Today is Saturday, November 27, 2021. Oh, a gray day is on us. One great smear of dull gray clouds blots out the blue sky, sunshine, and surrounding mountain tops. Stillness is holding, like the valley is holding its breath. Sunrise came upon us at 7:15 AM and sunset will take place at 4:45 PM. Temperatures are warmer, already 52 F and we expect 62 F. I’m a little disconcerted by the warm trend. By this time in many past years, we’ve already experienced a few inches of snow from at least one storm. Nothing of that sort has taking place this year. The fear is that the snow we need to have piled onto the pack won’t come, leaving us mired in drought and subject to more wildfires next year. Breath held, fingers crossed.

The COVID-19 Omicron variant is the big news. Just as we thought, hey, a light, maybe it’s the end of the tunnel, another variant hurdles toward us. The world races to react and contain it, headlines blare. We know that’s not true. Many people are shrugging it off as fake news or not really that bad, or so what? Let’s take our chances and die. We’re in the same boat but same don’t care. They’ll pull in the direction that they want, and damn the rest.

Sour mood, isn’t it? And I’m already drinking coffee.

Today’s morning mental music stream is occupied by Rick Astley singing “Never Gonna Give You Up” from 1987. Started because of a cat. He was singing it to me as he tucked in against me in bed this AM, kneading my shoulder with his claws and singing a deep baritone purr. I had to get up to attend other cats and my bladder but the fur beast was singing, “Never gonna give, never gonna give, never gonna give you up.” At least, so it seems to my demented mind.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get thyself vaxes and boosters when possible. Looking at the trend started in 2020 and continued in 2021, 2022 is gonna need more patience, more masks, and more endurance.

Here’s the music. Pretty lame video. Think I need more coffee. Cheers

Wednesday’s Theme Music

Happy hump day, camels. Maybe it’s hump day for you. Wednesday is often so designated. Mid-week, people consider it the hardest to bestir themselves to endure. Hardest to get up, process, and function. Even coffee and energy drinks seem to do little…for a while. But then, as the morning hours pass and the afternoon arrives, they realize, they’re going to make it. And if they can make it through Wednesday, they can make it the rest of the week.

Course, hump day isn’t always Wednesday for some people. Some feel hump day on Monday. If they can get through Monday, then all else is gravy. Or hump day is Thursday and if Thursday is survived… You get it. I’ve beaten it sufficiently that little life remains.

Today is November 24, 2021. We’re racing toward the year’s end. Just consider: next Wednesday is December 1.

Sunrise split the valley into light and dark at 7:12 AM. The sun’s warming light will fade out of the valley starting at 4:43 PM. Current temperature is 29 F, according to my thermometer, and the cats agree, declaring, “Cold. Gimme heat.” Net says it’s 39, but then the sun hasn’t actually entered my yard yet. Still just clearing the mountains and forests. Give it time, right? High temp should be 55 today. The sky is deceptively summer blue. Looks warmer than it is.

I have “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men from 2011 echoing in the morning mental music stream. The song came about because I was reading about how people read data about the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccinations, and reached their own conclusions about vaccines not working. They called this their truth. They then lamented that they were blocked, locked out, or shut out of whatever forum they were using because they were spreading misinformation. From all of that, I thought of “Little Talks” and the line that goes, “Though the truth may vary, this ship will carry our bodies safe to the shore.”

Yes, the truth can be complicated. What was true a hundred years ago might not be true now. We learn, we grow, we develop new understanding and discover what we held as the truth was wrong. The truth now, though, is that data supports the vaccines, masking, and social distancing. The truth, though, is also that variants will emerge and break through. The truth is that we will know more in a year, and we’re not sure where COVID-19 and humanity will stand at that time.

Damn. Now I need coffee. Stat.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vax and booster when you can. The truth is, that will help most of us survive. Cheers

Monday’s Theme Music

Another Monday has come around, to lift you up or tear you down, depending on your point of view, and what it is that you’re trying to do.

November 22, 2021, has broken like many other days. Bright sunshine blasting light on everything under blue skies unencumbered by smoke or cloud arrived on the Ashland scene at 7:10 AM and will swivel away, leaving us in darkness alleviated by artificial lights at 4:44 PM. Nothing of this day portends murder, death, and chaos, but it’ll happen somewhere. Perhaps the weather there is giving warning signs.

We saw freezing temperatures last night. Got up to 33 F after the sun broke, which stayed as the temp for some time. It has risen to 36. We expect something in the fifties but this feels like aunter, that season between autumn and winter when leaves are still turning and falling but winter’s advance cold marches in and chills us.

I have Jethro Tull, “Bungle in the Jungle” out of 1974, in the morning mental music stream. This came about because of granola. I decided brekkie would feature oatmeal, a pretty standard breakfast for me. I like granola on my oatmeal. Adds crunch, heft, flavor. Several granola styles are in the pantry. I thought I’d save one of them for later in the week, prompting me to remember, “Eating their nuts, saving their raisins for Sunday.” This is, you know, a line from the song. Thereafter, Ian and the gang played live in my head from the record player that still exists in brain’s teen cellar, where all things teen are stored.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vax and booster when ye can. Also, coffee up. I’m going to. It’s cold morning and coffee warms me well. Also stimulates the muses to come so I can write. Muses are so fond of the coffee smell that all I need do is spritz a little ground coffee scent about and they flit right in.

Here’s the music. Cheers

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